Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Navigating High Point 2012 Update

High Point is logistically difficult to navigate.  Having shopped "The Market" for at least 20 days per year, for the past 25 years, I know my way around, and oddly find the experience energizing. The heart of HP is the IHFC (International Home Furnishings Center).  Go there first, (shown below in red).  I've drawn orange lines around the perimeter of your hunting grounds. The Hamilton Wrenn district and Market Square are areas you should explore. Receiving a Resource Guide in advance is key. Ask the market authority to send you a copy. It is easier for me than the website, which is surprising.  For parking, I'm one to pay the piper. Many hotels have shuttle service to the transportation terminal at the IHFC.

Your first stop is InterHall in the IHFC. Walk through the main street entrance (Commerce) and walk down the hall to the right. InterHall is the must-see, juried space at market. This is where the market authority separates the "Wheat from the chafe." Thank goodness!

Even if you have regular access to large design centers, many of these vendors are unique to HP, so take the time.  As you walk up and down the aisles, you will see an escalator. When you finish shopping InterHall, return to the central escalator and shop floors 2-4 of the adjacent Design and Green sections.  Chelsea textiles has spectacular Gustavian and mid-century pieces. 

Don't miss our top vendor, World's Away: IHFC BUILDING, IH301239. 

 Our clients love their product and particularly their Brentwood Desk

Global Views (IHFC D220 ) has showroom after showroom of fabulously merchandized product. 

 Their Faux Bois Dining table is a best seller for us. Give me a call to receive a market special price!

As far as I'm concerned, in the IHFC,  InterHall and floors of 2-4 of "Design"  are tops.  If other vendors are on your list for that building, ask a guide. I strongly recommend the Phillips Collection(IHFC C202 Commerce Wing).

Embrace your inner farmer with our Phillips Collection little resin Lamb. Our country clients love it, but this little one is also favorite for nurseries. Also, outside of Design, but nearby, Emissary U.S.A. has stunning ceramics with the best glazes.  They aren't far off, so ask. They are located at: IHFC Hamilton 404.

 Zebra patterns add graphic punch to any room. The TODAY Show credited us this morning with this versatile accessory! We are ecstatic to be included in Chassie Post's, round-up featuring reasonably priced items to spice up your decor. Click Here to see her take on Hottest Spring Trends for the Home.

When you are done,  with the upper floors of the IHFC, take the escalator back to Interhall. Your next stop is mapped below. Here is the sneaky way. Walk towards the front of Interhall, towards the cafe section. Pass through the tables and head down the hall. Make a quick stop at Summer Classics, then exit through the side door of the big building and cross the street. You are heading to the annex and the outdoor furniture section--Janus et Cie, Currey and Company, Barlow Tyrie, and do not miss the Veneman Collection tucked into the corner.

Visiting Currey and Company is like old home week for me. Robert and Suzy Currey are always so hospitable and entertaining. I've been buying their products for clients for years. Known for their fabulous lighting and terrific price points, the furniture gets better by the market. Here is one of my fav's.

This magical bench is a fun surprise to find tucked away in the garden. The Elwyn concrete bench is a durable all weather, all season heavy weight. Color is so hot right now, and I never wavered from it. I long for these amazing Veneman pieces.

Here is the link on our website.

More Tomorrow!
Send us a wish list for market!
Call me if you get lost
Wear comfortable shoes
Bring Band-Aids


  1. Liz-
    Do you ever rest? You are one busy lady!
    I had intended to go, but couldn't get away. I have told everyone that if I am alive I will be at the next one.
    You are a great guide for everyone. They should pay you.
    Have fun, and keep the pictures coming.

  2. Hello Liz

    Thank you for this useful and thorough information
    Best wishes

  3. So bummed I am not going....looks like loads of fun, but hope you have your comfy walking shoes on. Love Worlds Away......good info here for any lucky visitors to HP.

  4. Liz great information, I wish I could be there!! Love the benches and that fab desk!

    Do come and enter the $100 Giveaway from Soft Surroundings on my site!

    Art by Karena

  5. Oh thank you Liz - getting a little nervous about navigating this ENORMOUS venue!! Looking forward to seeing more of your suggestions! Luckily Worlds Away was at the gift fair so got a glimpse there!!

  6. Thank you so much for this. I am heading down on Sunday for my first Market and this will be great advice.


  7. I'll be there and am sure to run into you at some point! Happy Marketing!


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