Sunday, November 11, 2012

What's New at High Point: Blue and Orange With Bold Graphics

PANTONE 2012 Color of The Year:

Pantone 17-1463 Tangerine Tango 

This interior scheme by Janie Molster fuses everything fresh in High Point design trends. I have had orange in my schemes since my first apartment. I am delighted by its resurgence. It is only a chutes and ladders slide across the color wheel to bring up its dynamic cool blue opposite. It is a fluid addition. The colors, combined with the geometric carpet,  with muscular color blocking on the draperies makes this room a hit.  
Pantone #1 color of 2013 is Monaco Blue

Lillian August has a spectacularly merchandised showroom at High Point, and this luscious new Karl Buffet styled with bold geometric fabric further illustrates evolutionary patterns in home decor. Karl gets my buffet of the year vote. I covet it. Traditionally, people have shied away from orange in design schemes. I don't know why, as it works beautifully with so many different colors. When choosing color ideas for rooms, it helps to look at china or fabric patterns that you love. 

Mottahedeh had fabulous bright gold and orange settings. 

These are my colors. Notice the blue and touches of black against the clean white background. 
Why, oh why did I not buy this?

If the recessionary griege has gotten you down, you can see how orange accents energize a sluggish monotone. This new Amy Howard chair is the best new upholstery piece at market.

Notice the equestrian pillow. Equestrian is always an undercurrent, but it is resurfacing. The zeitgeist is this Hermes orange floating through design. Don't forget Hermes started as a harness shop in 1837. For many of us, orange is the color of luxury and time honored tradition. For me, it is also a Palm Beach staple, and a look I love. 

Thibaut is new to High Point and their new furniture line is dressed in orange, neutrals and blue. They were awarded the best bed at market award...
                                                                           by me!

Again, bold crisp blue exploded geometrics define this space. A smaller scaled organic leaf pattern fabric cozies it up. Maybe I've been under a rock, but for me pendants as bed side lighting is new. Please weigh in on this question in the comment section at the bottom of the post.  I've gots to know. 

Global Views Arabesque rug continues to get head swivels from me each market. I love how their showroom designer paired it with the geometric in the cocktail and side tables. You could have a cigarette and a martini in this space. Century Furniture went all out with the color story this market.

Here is another version of the orange (fire)/blue (water) interplay with turquoise and oranges. The testosterone present in the robust scale and geometric shapes of the furniture is balanced with the precision of an endocrinologist. The estrogen is the painted finishes, lacquers and curves. Great design has restrained tension. Great design produces an alchemical endorphin flow, which is why we are all addicted to it. The American players can still custom finish your furniture in any paint color you can imagine. Hickory, North Carolina is back on the fashion map--I kid you not. 

A 60's pink and orange combo goes urban in Century's High Point showroom with an unexpected pairing of these uber chic chaise lounges. It is another great example of dynamic yin and yang in virtuoso design. The upholstery is curvy and sexy. The undertone is neutral, but the architectural nature of the case goods combined with bold color blocking on the curtains keeps everything in balance. This space has both strength and harmony.  Color blocking has been a fashion staple for years, but we are seeing more and more of it in interiors.

Suzanne Kasler has known this trick for a long time. 

In her book Inspired Interiors with Christine Pittel,  Suzanne Kasler's use of bold color blocking on a very feminine piece balances out this vignette in a pleasing way.

What is orange, gray and graphic? 
Notice the fabulous x benches with a smaller graphic pattern defined with orange trim-- best in show. 

This exuberant hand hooked carpet by Safavieh shows how many colors work well with orange and gray. I will add, in addition to color and graphics, design is happier and more youthful than it was during the recession. I know Restoration Hardware is sticking to that story, and it is undeniably a very popular look, but femininity is balancing out that act. I am hoping it is a leading indicator! You can tell what I love by my living room. It has made me happy everyday since 2002!! Orange you glad! 

I like it so much, it became my logo. 

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