Monday, April 30, 2012

High Point Top Showrooms and Trends April 2012

Our favorite thing at High Point is to see how the top designers are putting their showrooms together. As usual, the design driven manufacturers are knocking it out of the park. We are simply blown away by HFI Brands, as I mentioned in the last post, Steve McKee and creative director Britt Albright stole the show. Here are some more great shots from the Lily Pulitzer Home and Barclay Butera collections.

 Exploded graphics and bold stripes anchor the lightness of the shiny lacquers and painted finishes. If you love color you can go off your meds, as the space is pure Florida sunshine.

This is the best new desk at market, with rolling file drawers beneath. You can take over the world with this elegant and sophisticated piece.

Poor Steve and Britt were treated to a chorus of S**T the blogger girls say: 

 You can mix bold patterns!

The Navy lacquer cabinets behind that outrageous love seat are:

The new genius invention of market: The Shoe Pouf. Who Knew? My hands were shaking, so my picture is blurry, but the gold shoe cabinet is the Carrie Bradshaw wanna be new must-have accessory. Barclay Butera is now our go-to for a more traditional with a modern twist client. 

HFI has perfect proportions, clean rich finishes and we love the variety of style. It all really works together, and you could mix the Lilly Pulitzer beautifully with the Barclay Butera.

This wall storage piece is like the black and gold Lillian Vernon cabinet I showed you in the sneak preview post. Literally, you can use it in any design setting. HFI Brands specializes in sourcing, and it wins the focal point prize for value, quality and style. It is a tremendous value, and the best part of it is you can take it with you when you move.

This is the perfect man-bed, but zhush it up with the right linens and this space could go so Doris Day in a Que Sera minute.

 Console of the market! 
 Look carefully to see the stitching on the side. It also comes as a side and cocktail table. It is so Hermes cool! 

Our clients are constantly hunting for good looking etageres. This clean piece has the perfect dimensions that our clients request over and over. 

Hanging pictures and mirrors is often a challenge, so the showrooms are a great way to see how the pros do it. Here Barclay Butera centers the mirror and hangs artwork of different sizes to fill the space beyond the sofa. Clients ask me all the time if frames in groupings have to match, and this image clearly demonstrates that they do not. They should be related and of similar quality. This grouping looks more organic than "decorated." The sconces over the side tables are brilliant. The lighting is by Bradburn Lighting and the accessories are from Zodax Home

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Liz Morten
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cool Mood Boards at High Point April 2012

I'm processing a million images of fabulous product from the furniture market, but I want to  send you some of the inspirational designer mood boards from the showrooms. I always lead with Hickory Chair, so why change things? The Hable Construction textile line for H.C., is their fresh addition. Sisters Susan and Katherine Hable keep the oxygen flowing.

The mood boards are the gestational phase of creation. Disparate elements can ebb and flow, until the designer's vision starts to coalesce. Of course this is why we are all crazy for Pinterest.

Kate's original painting when applied to traditional upholstery loosens up the buttoned down vibe. It is impossible to match seams lending an artistic, hand touched element. 

Suzanne Kasler's board convey's images of the type of person who would inhabit this room--Holly Golightly meets Scarlet Johanssen. Playful sophistication is the message, and there was a "Wow" echoing through the space, not to mention a little elbowing around the good camera angles.  

The ultra talented Britt Albright, creative director for HFI Brands, had large mood boards scattered around the Lilly Pulitzer Home space. We literally made a scene--twice. HFI Brands founder Steve McKee, has the hottest new line in High Point, with the Lilly Pulitzer and Barclay Butera brands. Once you see the price points and the quality, few other companies can stand up to the heat. Steve laughingly told us: "This is a happy place." 

Heck Yeah! 

I had the best time with blogger Stacy Bewkes of Quintessence who shared my enthusiasm for our antiques vendor, The Wind Rose, posting wonderful images of Ned and Cary's European and British treasures and bespoke line of furniture.  

Lynn Byrn is always sparkly company, so I thank Hooker Furniture for bringing her down. Her informative blog: Decor Arts Now has long been a favorite. Lynn has a beach house on her mind, and her round-up on Coastal looks, picked up on a few things I entirely missed. Some of the Stanley Furniture Coastal Living group's pieces are perfect to mix up in an eclectic scheme. 

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

High Point April 2012 Sneak Preview

We zipped over to High Point today to get the early bird peak at one-of-a-kinds. Savvy designers and buyers hit the antiques first, as they go quickly. We motored over to Historic Market Square, where the Antiques and Design Center is located. Our first quarry our antiques vendor, The Wind Rose. Sally Altizer, who is a brilliant designer out of High Point, styles their space and we are always anxious to see what she's done.

In addition to antiques, accessories, lighting and art, The Wind Rose (Market Square 246, 250) has their bespoke White furniture line, with lots of graphic punch and impeccable proportion.

 I'll be at Heirloom Estates booth(MS-G-39) in the Antiques and Design Center of Market Square, from 4-6,  so please come by and say hello to me. Lisa has some really unusual things, here's a glimpse. Her Clydesdale door stop is tempting me.

I have a blog crush on Bruce Barone,  whose celebrated photography is exhibited in Antiques and Design in 30b and c. He's a bit out of the way, so hunt him down. He is a fantastic cook, so he may have some goodies for you.

Acquisitions in Market Square Suites had this whimsical menagerie, not to mention the best Noah's Ark--ever. It even has a pair of spiders!

Then, we had to see Lillian August's incredibly styled showroom to see what she's got on that brilliant design mind of hers. I will admit to parking on the sidewalk, don't try that tomorrow. Just say orange and Greek Key.... My client has been circling the slipper chair in front of the fireplace, for two markets. I think it has our names on it.

My clients are going to flip over this table. I am constantly getting calls for metal topped tables, and they are hard to find for good value.

Saturated turquoises and acidic colors are still in the mix. This market Lillian shines them up for a bit of Hollywood glam. 

This is not your Mother's decor, unless you are Lillian August's sons, but her look is fresh, timeless yet still traditional. The most talented designers know how to mix disparate elements seamlessly, that is the secret to style, and really good It is harmonious complexity. 

I bought the black storage cabinet for a client's breakfast room last year. I am telling you, it goes everywhere, living room, dining room, hall, bedroom, den. It is a little black dress, chameleon, as it can look modern, traditional or transitional depending on the accessories. It is urban and sophisticated in this setting, but I can tell you it is sensational in a mountain house. 

This is just pretty. Women ask me all the time if they can do girly bedrooms. The Yin and Yang of it is the casual graphic punch in the rug--a touch of nail head trim. In the morning, lets face it, men like to wake up in a woman's room. They can have their man cave in the basement or their office. As I finish up after my long first day, I wish you could all come to visit me. We've had a glorious Spring with the most perfect weather. I kid you not, it only rains at night, is warm in the in the shade. My flowers have never been so pretty, so I'm having you over for a minute. 

More Later!
I do love my Leagrave Bench 
In case you missed it, Dovecote Decor was credited on the TODAY Show with 

Our very cool Zebra Garden Stool
Thank you again Chassie Post from Gilt Groupe
Happy Market!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Navigating High Point 2012 Update II

If you missed our last post: Navigating High Point Update click HERE. It is step one and will take you through some highlights of the IHFC and the Annex. I'm reposting the map, because it helps to understand the scope of the city and charts a path for you.

When you finish shopping the annex, orient yourself to Commerce and go left towards the C and D building. The C and D has some of my favorite vendors. Sarreid, with their Van Thiel and Encore Collections has well priced and executed reproductions and antiques. I ran into Eddie Ross at Van Thiel, so enough said.

When the girls were younger, I used to keep a homework/project room in the house. This companion desk  would have been a stylish addition. It can also be used as a serving piece, which makes the dining or breakfast rooms more versatile.  Also in the C and D building of note is Visual Comfort with collections by style stars, Alexa Hampton, Thomas O'brien and Suzanne Kasler.

When you finish the C and D building, turn left and walk across the street to market square.  Market square has a new juried equivalent of InterHall, called Salon. It is slowly improving.

Start on the ground floor and power walk the suites. I have trained myself to pass the junk quickly, and not sift for nuggets in every stall.  Don't forget to see the Wind Rose when you've reached the second floor. Here is their location: Space 246-250 Historic Market Square, Telephone: 336.327.5306. Market is disorienting, but there are guides everywhere. Ned and Cary have been scouring England, Belgium and France for years and it is a treasure trove. Nobody, hands down, has better painted furniture and accessories, so...if you don't go, don't tell me. 

When you've done the suites, which is in the front of the building, go to the rear of that area and enter market square. Don't miss the new antiques section on the ground floor. I will be at my friend's space on Saturday between 4 and 6pm, please come by and say hello! We are at Heirloom Estates: Market Square, Antique & Design Center MS-G 49.

After you tour the antiques section on the ground floor, you will want to ask the guides to direct you to the correct elevator to take you to Century Furniture. They are located near the ground floor restaurant and the courtyard. You don't want to miss this little darling in the Oscar De La Renta line. 

Don't miss HFI Brands: Lily Pulitzer and Barclay Butera on upper floors near the same elevator bank. The Information desk is right there.

When you've finished, go out the front of the Suites and catch a van to the Hamilton district. I get off the van or bus at Broad and Hamilton. This district has many excellent vendors, I will feature some of the must sees.

Pay attention to the  artisanal Wright Table company ((300 N. Hamilton 2nd floor) and  absorb the amazing array of custom work they craft in North Carolina. Don does a mixture of traditional, contemporary and European designs and is a master of teasing depth out of beautiful woods. The scale and design of his furniture is the perfect imperfection we are looking for in a custom reproduction. He made my breakfast table and it is beautifully indestructible. This industrial era inspired coffee table literally levitates to table height,  reverses with equal grace and has a lock for child proofing.  The surface and finish can be customized.  Pop in to say hello to Ian from Fauld Town and Country furniture( 330 N. Hamilton ST-S-204 tel:336-841-3918).
330 North Hamilton StreetWhile there are Asian repros, they also do exquisite English bench made work. My highly discerning English friends buy from them. 

We will move on to New River Artisans.

In the same district, New River Artisans, is an oxymoronic, crazy good taste, custom designed, hand made carpet resource from the middle of Appalachia. Their showroom is: 200 N. Hamilton ST. N. Court, suite #301. In that neighborhood, Mottahedeh has an "over run" cash and carry show room I hit each market.

Over the years, I have accumulated wonderful vases, far below wholesale. In the Hamilton/Wrenn district, you'll  also find Y.H. Antiques, together with Somerset Bay and Modern History, at 420 N. Wrenn Street that runs parallel to Hamilton. 

Don't even think about missing Hickory Chair (330 North Hamilton Street) where you can can chat up design icons Alexa Hampton, Thomas O'Brien, and Suzanne Kasler.

We are heading over to High Point today!
Sneak Preview Later!