Monday, April 30, 2012

High Point Top Showrooms and Trends April 2012

Our favorite thing at High Point is to see how the top designers are putting their showrooms together. As usual, the design driven manufacturers are knocking it out of the park. We are simply blown away by HFI Brands, as I mentioned in the last post, Steve McKee and creative director Britt Albright stole the show. Here are some more great shots from the Lily Pulitzer Home and Barclay Butera collections.

 Exploded graphics and bold stripes anchor the lightness of the shiny lacquers and painted finishes. If you love color you can go off your meds, as the space is pure Florida sunshine.

This is the best new desk at market, with rolling file drawers beneath. You can take over the world with this elegant and sophisticated piece.

Poor Steve and Britt were treated to a chorus of S**T the blogger girls say: 

 You can mix bold patterns!

The Navy lacquer cabinets behind that outrageous love seat are:

The new genius invention of market: The Shoe Pouf. Who Knew? My hands were shaking, so my picture is blurry, but the gold shoe cabinet is the Carrie Bradshaw wanna be new must-have accessory. Barclay Butera is now our go-to for a more traditional with a modern twist client. 

HFI has perfect proportions, clean rich finishes and we love the variety of style. It all really works together, and you could mix the Lilly Pulitzer beautifully with the Barclay Butera.

This wall storage piece is like the black and gold Lillian Vernon cabinet I showed you in the sneak preview post. Literally, you can use it in any design setting. HFI Brands specializes in sourcing, and it wins the focal point prize for value, quality and style. It is a tremendous value, and the best part of it is you can take it with you when you move.

This is the perfect man-bed, but zhush it up with the right linens and this space could go so Doris Day in a Que Sera minute.

 Console of the market! 
 Look carefully to see the stitching on the side. It also comes as a side and cocktail table. It is so Hermes cool! 

Our clients are constantly hunting for good looking etageres. This clean piece has the perfect dimensions that our clients request over and over. 

Hanging pictures and mirrors is often a challenge, so the showrooms are a great way to see how the pros do it. Here Barclay Butera centers the mirror and hangs artwork of different sizes to fill the space beyond the sofa. Clients ask me all the time if frames in groupings have to match, and this image clearly demonstrates that they do not. They should be related and of similar quality. This grouping looks more organic than "decorated." The sconces over the side tables are brilliant. The lighting is by Bradburn Lighting and the accessories are from Zodax Home

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  1. Liz you are right I am getting high just looking at these fabulous colors, patterns, lacquers and great finds, I cannot thank you enough for sharing!

    Art by Karena

  2. Liz-
    Love seeing all of color! The navy cabinet is to-die-for, and so is the loveseat.
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Happy Monday.

  3. Loved seeing all this with you - yes the Lilly and Barclay Butera showrooms were incredible - I was just amazing at how HUGE they were. Will be writing something about them as well if I can ever get to it!! Congrats on your 100th post!! Hope to see you soon xoxo

  4. I am your newest follower. Pop over and visit me. Would love to have you follow as well. I didn't get to either of these showrooms. I love both and typically go there but feel behind this market and didn't finish my list. Thanks for sharing! Glad to see all.

  5. Liz,
    This is some great eye candy for a Monday morning!!! Holy smoke, I am salivating over that white desk. More details, please!!!!

    Gotta get there next year!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  6. Aha. I wonder whether the 'More Showrooms Later' will include the Oly Studio, with that sumptuous and extravagant wall covering. Because if they do, then I can ask you where it's from!

  7. bravo!!!!!

    thank you for your reports and sharing to those of us unable to attend!


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