Friday, November 18, 2011

Table Settings of Holidays Past

As many of you know, the girls, with boyfriends in tow, and I are going to Paris for the Thanksgiving Holiday. It feels strange, not to be home decorating and cooking with family and friends, but I made a surprisingly swift adjustment. I was looking back at some of our photos of parties and decorations and thought it would be fun to share them with you. 

I collect antique staffordshire transferware. These surgar bowls are wonderful for mantel arrangements. With scotch tape I create a grid to support the bouquet. 

I used an April Cornell plaid table cloth for this wintery occasion. 

 Several years ago, a friend made an arrangement like this for our Thanksgiving table. The following year I put this one together. It's a very simple and quick fix when you are cooking a big dinner.
In Spring, we use more pinks, but I almost always use pinks and oranges together in arrangements. 

 This arrangement was for a BookMarks event in town. I used oasis and chicken wire to secure the height of the branches and flowers. 

For the authors reception this fall I raided my neighbor's garden and supplemented with grocery store flowers. I am a fearless entertainer, and often experiment on my guests. I don't worry about flowers being perfect, because I cannot stand tortured flowers.

On a Springier note, I used the Staffordshire again in three low arrangements along the table. I often use my vegetable terrines in the server behind for delicious cold summer soups. 

 Working in the breezeway keeps the mess out of the house. 
 The round hall does double duty for over flow.

 An alfresco table setting, where we laid dogwood branches on the table. 

Entertaining at the Morten house is always a group effort. I ask friends to bring their signature dish. These generous offerings were beyond delicious! While we are on the topic,  I want to show you my friend's supernaturally, beautiful cakes. 

Charlotte Glover, has recently started Magnolia Cake and Confections in Stuart Florida. She was visiting me overnight, when she was recently in North Carolina for yet, another cake workshop. These cakes will bring tears to your eyes. We spent all evening going through her photographs and looking at all her magnificent eye candy.
This is when I completely lost it! 
She literally sculpts and hand paints each flower from sugar.  Her attention to detail is amazing. She is not playing with her food, she is elevating it to new dimensions!
I am so proud of Charlotte's gifts. Tell all your Florida friends about her!
Happy Thanksgiving to all our bloggy friends. 
I'll be posting on Paris!! 
Be sure to pass on any hot tips or favorites for us to visit. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fashion and Decor Boldly Collide - Equestrian Style endures

By Liz Morten 
and Christine Storch

This fall, New York City and High Point collide in their adoration of all things equestrian.  Fashion has been head over heels for riding motif boots, pants, dresses and luxurious accessories.  Many of the major interior designers raised the bar for new takes on tradition. 

America's queen, stylishly passed equestrian scarlet fever, into a fashion addicted population. Fashionista, interior designer, Julie Browning Bova (below), merges her passion for equestrian attire and interiors, with her line for Stanford Furniture. Horse lovers, and design hounds, dive into her blog and website, its beautiful. 

You can't discuss equestrian without getting the boot.  This year the tall boot has continued to reign supreme.  Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren cleverly illustrate how a riding boot can become an essential part of any one's wardrobe.  Add an Hermes, Gucci, or J. McLaughlin scarf into the mix and you'll be riding though the holidays looking ridiculously refined.

Clockwise from top--vintage Hermes scarf/  Center-- Tory Burch, right top and bottom--Tory Burch,/ Far left bottom-- Ralph Lauren

Classic interiors, with splashes of equestrian motifs throughout, make the most of deep, rich hues and breathtaking wood accents, in Badgley Mischka's fresh: "Old, Kentucky Home."

The little black dress has entered the equestrian house. Black/Navy walls are "heavy going" to quote the Brits, yet traditional dark barn shades are space expanding while the lacquer sheen creates an oxymoronic limit. Layer this  focal point campaign bar, with cut crystal decanters, and you have visual poetry. 

Plaids, spit and polish, paneling, and lanterns are elements of the equestrian style. Diamond Baratta's sensational entry, above defines the good breeding obtained through combined comfort and elegance. Ralph Lauren, the undisputed master of the hunt, is never spartan with the tartan. 

Beyond the antique horse prints and vintage trunks, the use of brass adds bold character and supports this clean styling of Bagley and Mischka's guest room.  This suptle use of brass is also the linchpin to the coat by O'Halloran below.  

Palladian, Georgian style is synonymous with equestrian tradition. Magnificent millwork and  craftsmanship transport us to the golden days of racing, and the sport of kings. Military precision commands utilitarian brass seams, lanterns and timepieces. We adore this kitchen and challenge you to find us a better one.  

Diamond Baratta design

The delightful blue paint makes us want to get out our biggest hat and head for the track.

Liz's Parents are already there!! 

A. J. Munnings captured the style and decorum of the hunting set. The flattering military cut of the uniform was the foundation of the riding habit. 

Stella McCartney, a fashion force, rides through the fall with her exquisite take on the subject and nails the look effortlessly.

Gucci  pays homage to it's riding heritage with this amazing silk dress.  This bold color is seen, across the board, in fashion and decor.

Well tended bridles and stirrups earn archetypal status as they repeat this ancient call to formation. 

Ralph Lauren's spring introduction, brass stirrup chandelier

The iconic, must have accessory--the Hermes scarf. Wear it or frame it, stuff it and make a pillow, but please do something worthy. 

Dovecote Decor: bespoke equestrian decoupage table lamp

New this market, the saddle chair won over our equestrian client. 

Pair them with Christine's fabulous plaid cape and head to the races!

Hope you enjoyed our new collaboration! 
Liz and Christine

Christine Kelley Storch
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Friday, November 4, 2011

High Point Page Six!

We all love to have a chance to meet our favorite designers, and High Point was loaded with the top talent. Rizzoli, clustered the luminaries of the millenium for their book signing event. It was a huge success, as the design groupies flooded the Market Square Courtyard. 
Justin Bieber, get out of town! 

Mary McDonald engaged in conversation with each and every one of her fans who waited patiently for her stunning new book, which sold out before I could get my hands on one. 

Many of my dedicated readers know that I consider Bobby McAlpine to be the genius of our era. His quiet presence and soulful approach to life, sprinkled with wit and humor dazzles me. 

If you haven't purchased his book, get it HERE. I cannot resist the opportunity to walk you through some photographs of my friend's stunning McAlpine house. 

For those of you who would like to see more of this house click HERE.

The elegant designer, David Easton describes his love of textiles at Safavieh.  Safavieh developed  a special Soumak weave to capture the handmade character of the ikat textiles Easton collects during his travels. The rugs are hand-knotted in India of 100 percent wool. 

Barclay Butera, is posing in his eponymous showroom with my adorable new client, Haley. Separated at birth? Her husband built my website, and is amazing, so if you are interviewing tech support to build or alter your site--he's your man.

Thom Filicia , Genevieve Gorder of Dear Genevieve, and Francine Garder of Interieurs NYC had a joyous reunion at Capel Rugs, where Genevieve's new collection of graphic and colorful wool dhurries
took center stage. On Thom's link, his rolodex of favorite shopping haunts is a gold mine. His eco-friendly line at Safavieh was a show stopper.

His Henninger carpet in Purple Haze, embraces the plum tones we are starting to see around design town.
Excuse me while I kiss the sky!

Florence de Dampierre is new for me. She is a charming woman, interior designer and decorative arts historian, defining that je ne sais quois word: "insouciant." Her beautiful book, French Chic, is a revelation. This unusual transition fabric treatment puts the fun back in functional.

Two tone, graphic wood flooring, brings this girly, curvy French room down to earth.

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard's book: Live, Love and Decorate was a hit. His energetic presence bought quite a bit of sparkle into the room! He seems quite delighted with this edited wardrobe malfunction!

Suzanne Kasler, was scribbling her autograph madly for the waves of design lovers flooding the event. Her book, Inspired Interiors, was so distracting one Christmas, I could hardly open my other presents. I'm still not over her dining room.

In Interhall, in the IHFC, we ran into this glowing couple.

Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home was shopping at French Market Collection. She really is a lovely person and it comes across in her blog. The bloggy girls had a great time dining at Proximity last year. Steve Giannetti, needed to translate our social media obsessed banter to Bobby McAlpine, who is truly outside of the technological loop.

John Dransfield of Dransfield and Ross cuts a dapper profile at his eye candy space in interhall. Well, with all that name dropping, I have to admit a great fascination with this truly talented group of people who gather in High Point once a year to celebrate the ever mutating style of the home.

Even the market babies were wowed!

More Later!!

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