Thursday, April 19, 2012

Navigating High Point 2012 Update II

If you missed our last post: Navigating High Point Update click HERE. It is step one and will take you through some highlights of the IHFC and the Annex. I'm reposting the map, because it helps to understand the scope of the city and charts a path for you.

When you finish shopping the annex, orient yourself to Commerce and go left towards the C and D building. The C and D has some of my favorite vendors. Sarreid, with their Van Thiel and Encore Collections has well priced and executed reproductions and antiques. I ran into Eddie Ross at Van Thiel, so enough said.

When the girls were younger, I used to keep a homework/project room in the house. This companion desk  would have been a stylish addition. It can also be used as a serving piece, which makes the dining or breakfast rooms more versatile.  Also in the C and D building of note is Visual Comfort with collections by style stars, Alexa Hampton, Thomas O'brien and Suzanne Kasler.

When you finish the C and D building, turn left and walk across the street to market square.  Market square has a new juried equivalent of InterHall, called Salon. It is slowly improving.

Start on the ground floor and power walk the suites. I have trained myself to pass the junk quickly, and not sift for nuggets in every stall.  Don't forget to see the Wind Rose when you've reached the second floor. Here is their location: Space 246-250 Historic Market Square, Telephone: 336.327.5306. Market is disorienting, but there are guides everywhere. Ned and Cary have been scouring England, Belgium and France for years and it is a treasure trove. Nobody, hands down, has better painted furniture and accessories, so...if you don't go, don't tell me. 

When you've done the suites, which is in the front of the building, go to the rear of that area and enter market square. Don't miss the new antiques section on the ground floor. I will be at my friend's space on Saturday between 4 and 6pm, please come by and say hello! We are at Heirloom Estates: Market Square, Antique & Design Center MS-G 49.

After you tour the antiques section on the ground floor, you will want to ask the guides to direct you to the correct elevator to take you to Century Furniture. They are located near the ground floor restaurant and the courtyard. You don't want to miss this little darling in the Oscar De La Renta line. 

Don't miss HFI Brands: Lily Pulitzer and Barclay Butera on upper floors near the same elevator bank. The Information desk is right there.

When you've finished, go out the front of the Suites and catch a van to the Hamilton district. I get off the van or bus at Broad and Hamilton. This district has many excellent vendors, I will feature some of the must sees.

Pay attention to the  artisanal Wright Table company ((300 N. Hamilton 2nd floor) and  absorb the amazing array of custom work they craft in North Carolina. Don does a mixture of traditional, contemporary and European designs and is a master of teasing depth out of beautiful woods. The scale and design of his furniture is the perfect imperfection we are looking for in a custom reproduction. He made my breakfast table and it is beautifully indestructible. This industrial era inspired coffee table literally levitates to table height,  reverses with equal grace and has a lock for child proofing.  The surface and finish can be customized.  Pop in to say hello to Ian from Fauld Town and Country furniture( 330 N. Hamilton ST-S-204 tel:336-841-3918).
330 North Hamilton StreetWhile there are Asian repros, they also do exquisite English bench made work. My highly discerning English friends buy from them. 

We will move on to New River Artisans.

In the same district, New River Artisans, is an oxymoronic, crazy good taste, custom designed, hand made carpet resource from the middle of Appalachia. Their showroom is: 200 N. Hamilton ST. N. Court, suite #301. In that neighborhood, Mottahedeh has an "over run" cash and carry show room I hit each market.

Over the years, I have accumulated wonderful vases, far below wholesale. In the Hamilton/Wrenn district, you'll  also find Y.H. Antiques, together with Somerset Bay and Modern History, at 420 N. Wrenn Street that runs parallel to Hamilton. 

Don't even think about missing Hickory Chair (330 North Hamilton Street) where you can can chat up design icons Alexa Hampton, Thomas O'Brien, and Suzanne Kasler.

We are heading over to High Point today!
Sneak Preview Later! 


  1. Thank you for the delightful and informative tour


  2. More great info!! And that companion desk - Wow!

  3. Oh my goodness, it seems so overwhelming.
    I would love to see everything but I wouldn't want to figure it all out. I would be that person stopping at every stall.
    They should have people like you as guides, giving tours :)

  4. I would come just for the antique section...High Point for sure!

  5. Liz, thank you so much for this amazing visual tour!
    I hope that you find something wonderful for our giveaway!!

    Art by Karena

  6. What great "leg work" you have done for those heading to the Market in the coming days. Hats off to you for your efforts!!

  7. Oh my gosh, a beautiful and inforamtive post. Thanks for sharing all this info with us. Now, may I come and work for you?


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