Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easy Casual Entertaining, Our Easter Party

We all have busy lives and careful budgets, but we still want to have glorious parties. My Mother always said: "You want your cake and eat it too." Being very young, if I knew how to say: "Duhh," I would have. Here is how we've done it. Our closest friends know the drill and are well trained for the Morten girl party. They keep coming back, so I think its working. My friend Meg and I usually choose the menu and take on the invitations,  meat course, the antipasto platters, the flowers and the clean-up staff. Our stake in the game is around $250.00 each, which for almost 20 people is quite reasonable. The other guests bring their specialties and a couple of bottles of wine, providing a killer dinner party. We are all a part of it and it is the best meal in town.

Daughter number two wanted to do the flowers, and for her first attempt, I'd say she definitely has a knack for it. Amy Merrick Flowers out of Brooklyn, New York is her muse (pictured above.) I think you will agree, she is cultivating new territory in floral design.

After the party I massed all of the bouquets on the kitchen Island, and am quite enjoying the view from my desk.

I must admit, my guests work like dogs, but that's part of the fun.

This year we decided not to spend the hours setting the table for everyone, so we just ate on our laps. I have to say I have the greatest friends in the world. They are undemanding, generous and best of all--super fun. That is what entertaining is all about; our friends and family. Nothing else matters. I'm glad my bloggy pals could join. What are your Holiday traditions?


  1. Liz-
    I would expect no less from you and your family and friends. Everything looks amazing. We had e a big dinner too, but I am seriously going to try the bring something plan.
    Happy Tuesday.

  2. Looks like fun, Liz! My family doesn't get very involved, they just arrive and want to eat...it's fun with friends who want to pitch in. If I lived closer I would have come by to join the party and lend a hand too!

  3. Liz,
    This looks like not only a beautiful gathering but a joyful joining of friends. Those are the moments that life is made for!!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. Looks like another great party. Good food, friends, family, and wine...and glorious flowers. A perfect way to celebrate spring and the rebirth of the Easter season.

  5. I am copying you! Next Easter! Copycat in Montecito!!


    It sounds divine!!!


    1. Trust me, I copy you too!
      Copy Cat in Winston Salem,

  6. Everything looks so wonderful delicious and elegant.....looks like a grand time was had by all. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Liz a really smart idea for fabulous entertaining with friends all joining in the planning!

    Your daughter is indeed talented in floral design!!

    I hope you will come see my Annie Sloan Projects revealed!
    Art by Karena

  8. Liz back to let you know; I am having a $100 Gift Card Giveaway from Soft Surroundings If you would like to enter.

    Art by Karen

  9. Seems you had an excellent time at your Easter party. Couple of months ago, arranged a Halloween dinner party with my friends at one of grand Seattle venues about which I came to know from my uncle. Glad that I booked it.


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