Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Empress of the Eye Selects her Favorite Design Finds in Dovecote Decor's Online Store

What a happy little Holiday surprise we had at Dovecote Decor, when we discovered Jane Schott, from Empress of the Eye had written a comprehensive post on our online store. We are so flattered and grateful for her thorough research and the time she spent sifting through over 1,400 SKUs.to find her favorites.

We know what our clients buy, but it is fun to see what The Empress distills from our years of shopping. Jane and I have shopped the Dixie Highway together and had the time of our lives, or at least mine. Here is a little tickler from Jane's line.

The operative words here are: "Out of the box--with taste." Jane was inspired to create this pillow from a book jacket, marrying typeset, graphic pattern and message. Her designs are limited editions, and you never know what Jane will do next.
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Decorating 2012: Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!

There is nothing like a good deadline, or should I say party, to get the house decorated for the Holidays.   Our BookMarks Festival of Books is an organization near and dear to my heart and I am their party venue. It is a selfish volunteer job. Once a year, when the 40 or so top authors in the country come to town for our literary festival, they come to my house. We literally have had everybody who is anybody, for an intimate literary salon. This year a highlight was Gillian Flynn author of Gone Girl  while she was #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List!

For anyone who has read Gone Girl,  let's just say Gillian was killer. For all the people that make BookMarks Festival of Books happen, we have a Holiday soiree as a respite from the business of begging for money and authors. This year I have the most beautiful fat 10 foot tree--ever!

I have been collecting Christmas decorations for over 30 years. If you read my last year's Christmas post, my friend Mrs. K. has 3 generations worth and the collection is spectacular. Walking in the front door....

Dovecote can not resist an avian themed mantle.

As usual, everyone brings a little nibble. The food was delicious. When everyone brings their specialties, the food is stellar. 

Like Elizabeth at Pretty Pink Tulips, I opted for Magnolia and Holly in our family room mantle. Do visit her outdoor decorations they are sumptuous.

May Your Days Be Merry and Bright!
Our Clear Star Chandelier is hot hot hot!!
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Monday, December 3, 2012

Post Time: Equestrian Design at High Point

For all our horse lovers out there, we have good news for you from High Point, North Carolina. There is a specter haunting design and the specter is equestrian. We are seeing it in art, fashion and interior design. Cultural motifs ebb and flow, bubbling up from the effluvial  social, economic, political and  media shores. As an undercurrent, trend is a fascinating. It is not a whimsical branding show derived from powerful operators. In a transient world, trends move fast, but are they shallow, enduring, reliable...predictable? Trends are zeitgeist; the spirit of an age or a time or... a reaction.
Equestrian motifs continue to crop up all over the show rooms. The first hint was in fashion, as designers from all over the world were wearing riding boots, leggings and well tailored jackets.

In fact, the fall 2012 collections of Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Burberry lines are all sporting equestrian themes. 

Ralph Lauren's leather, plaid and boot combo hits all the right chords for this look. As I mentioned in my last post, an alfresco breeze is picking up speed as a common denominator. Equestrian style denotes nature, fresh air, power, and discipline. I think we are all longing for those qualities. I know I am!

Burberry Fall 2012

In case you missed my last post, Hermes orange is all over design town fanning the flames of equestrian motifs. 

We ran into Julie Browning Bova at Hickory Chair, who has a stunning equestrian inspired line at Stanford furniture and chatted with her in front of a video camera--hope it hits the cutting room floor. This is my adorable client (left) posing with Julie. I'm camera shy.

Julie was a great person to interview on equestrian revival, if you could call it that. She's the real deal. As a rider, Mother of four riding children and a designer, Julie fuses her life passion with decor. Any time you take a theme and over do, there is a cloying sense of too much. There is a way to employ a classic style. Julie's classic equestrian elements can combine to create a pleasing, balanced and comfortable room.

The English country house look never gets old. But a punchy fresh fabric on a traditional piece keeps it fun. 

This ottoman sports the classic horse bit. Has Gucci ever discontinued their classic loafer? 

What are the elements of great English style? Here is the list: Lanterns, large analogue clocks, horse paintings, leather, nailhead trim, black or dark trim, bits, stirrups, leather, and plaid. Julie's stirrup coffee table is a handsome addition to any room.

This needlepoint rug is not over doing it for me. In fact, it would look terrific layered under this coffee table.

The detail of the harness motif and the different blankets on all the horses makes this one a winner. Add an Hermes orange and brown border and you've hit the trifecta.
French Market Collection

This buggy bench reminds of us kinder gentler times. It would be a wonderful mudroom perch to pull off your wellies.
Van Thiel

Typography is still a mainstay in both art and furniture. We noticed as we shopped the showrooms, a nostalgia for the pre-digital age is permeating the scene.

Ralph Lauren has infinite variations on the equestrian motif. You can take it Brit, Western, or Indian. In his own dining room, an elegant chandelier is balanced against an informal collection of equine photographs and paintings that appear to have grown organically over time. 

There's a wonderful security and sense of continuity in these layered rooms.

The late and incredibly talented Naomi Leff, known for her spectacular retail spaces, notably the Ralph Lauren Rhinelander Mansion renovation, designed this striking iron and glass bit motif door with a curvy art deco flourish.

Our equestrian enthusiasts love, love, love the Dovecote Decor Saddle Chair

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Posing beneath one of our favorite equestrian landmarks