Monday, April 2, 2012

More La Cienega Design District stops

Yes, we are still covering the California trip. It was so beautiful and there was so much to see. The girls and I decided to tuck into Harbinger, brain child of by Joe Lucas and Parrish Chilcoat. The design bloggers were arriving at a reception later, but we wanted to photograph the experience before the room filled up. Below is Bunny's Williams' BeeLine Homes display. 

Bunny gives us a lesson in getting plenty of design bang out of a small space. Floating a pair of neutral well scaled sofas around a focal point creates a functional and welcoming conversation area. You really can pack it in. The ethnic print on the walls will never go out of style for me, and a large scale print actually can make a small area feel larger.  Try painting an old coffee table in a bright high gloss color and adding some hardware. Space expanding large mirrors opposite windows or doorways, cleverly bring the outside in. 

A narrow console along the back of each sofa provides light and height balancing this small space. Note that the wood finishes do not have to match. Client's call me all the time about this and I have trouble persuading them that it is desirable. If Bunny can do it, you can do it! 

The traffic moves along the perimeter. Chic, eclectic little drinks tables add interest and sophistication to a scheme, and I am a big fan of hanging lanterns over the center of a seating area. If you have worn tired upholstery, it can easily be repaired and altered for a new look. Tuck a diminutive bench under your sofa table, and it does double duty as a desk. 

Okay, this is possibly the most glorious bed of all time, decked out in sumptuous Holland and Sherry fabrics and richly embroidered trims. Let the pinning begin. Attention to detail is paramount in this studio.  We lingered over this framed image of the House Beautiful American Design Heritage, illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal. Its great fun.  I used a better online image, and you can download it and frame it for yourself and hang it in your office.

We had to slip into Peter Dunham's Hollywood at Home. He had some wonderful vignettes to inspire even the thriftiest shopper.

The blown up geometric floor makes the room. I have always encouraged young girls to use outdoor furniture in their first apartments, because they move all the time and they are light. We often use outdoor dining chairs in the kitchen, because they can be taken outdoors and hosed off.

These teak chairs and casual upholstery pieces give this living room an outdoorsy, porch feel. I love the idea. Using maps over the sofa is an inexpensive way to cover a large space. They can be cut up into smaller pieces and framed as a collection, as well. I favor the antique reproductions of urban cities over the school room maps, but they're fun. We sauntered over to Mecox Gardens, who have always done a terrific job showing us how to use garden elements in the home.

My hands down favorite lamp du jour is this Mary McDonald lamp for Robert Abbey.

We are all remembering and honoring the great Gentleman of decorating Albert Hadley. 
Bruce Weber gave a perfect account of Hadley's life 

May your heaven be as beautiful as the world you created and
shared with so many people. 
"Life is all about manners. Nothing else matters."
Albert Hadley, House Beautiful

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  1. I love the idea of using outdoor furniture inside!!! Brilliant!! Also, I'm in love with the pictures you took from Bunny Williams storefront. Great post!

  2. Liz You really pointed out wonderful ideas for space design. I love the great lamps shown.

    I also see a lot of fresh saturated pastels, which are light and fun!

    Art by Karena

  3. L...what a space!....I love all of BW's lighting, orange table, pink doors......and I agree with you on the Mary McDonald lamp...outstanding.....thank you so much for taking the time (and I KNOW it's a lot) to post your LA adventure...have a great week!...k

  4. Glad you had a great time... there is so much to study and absorb from beautiful stores and great designers.

  5. Great tour. The bed is sensational!

  6. Love everything Bunny does. Beautiful.
    The bed at Holland and Sherry is amazing, and the lamp by Mary is beautiful. Love the bright red!
    Thank you for sharing, Liz.
    Happy Tuesday.

  7. I was pottering through the post, wishing there were more places like this to go to in Uhstraya, when I came across the quote by Albert Hadley and was quite startled by it. Some pondering is required, I think.

  8. I am in awe. The possibilities are truly amazing and thank you for sharing the work of these great designers. Just love that lamp.


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