Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cool Mood Boards at High Point April 2012

I'm processing a million images of fabulous product from the furniture market, but I want to  send you some of the inspirational designer mood boards from the showrooms. I always lead with Hickory Chair, so why change things? The Hable Construction textile line for H.C., is their fresh addition. Sisters Susan and Katherine Hable keep the oxygen flowing.

The mood boards are the gestational phase of creation. Disparate elements can ebb and flow, until the designer's vision starts to coalesce. Of course this is why we are all crazy for Pinterest.

Kate's original painting when applied to traditional upholstery loosens up the buttoned down vibe. It is impossible to match seams lending an artistic, hand touched element. 

Suzanne Kasler's board convey's images of the type of person who would inhabit this room--Holly Golightly meets Scarlet Johanssen. Playful sophistication is the message, and there was a "Wow" echoing through the space, not to mention a little elbowing around the good camera angles.  

The ultra talented Britt Albright, creative director for HFI Brands, had large mood boards scattered around the Lilly Pulitzer Home space. We literally made a scene--twice. HFI Brands founder Steve McKee, has the hottest new line in High Point, with the Lilly Pulitzer and Barclay Butera brands. Once you see the price points and the quality, few other companies can stand up to the heat. Steve laughingly told us: "This is a happy place." 

Heck Yeah! 

I had the best time with blogger Stacy Bewkes of Quintessence who shared my enthusiasm for our antiques vendor, The Wind Rose, posting wonderful images of Ned and Cary's European and British treasures and bespoke line of furniture.  

Lynn Byrn is always sparkly company, so I thank Hooker Furniture for bringing her down. Her informative blog: Decor Arts Now has long been a favorite. Lynn has a beach house on her mind, and her round-up on Coastal looks, picked up on a few things I entirely missed. Some of the Stanley Furniture Coastal Living group's pieces are perfect to mix up in an eclectic scheme. 

More Later!
Liz Morten 
Christine Storch


  1. Liz I love seeing these fabulous and fun mood boards! Also that you hooked up with Stacy who won my last Giveaway!

    The 2012 Artist Series featuring Designer and Paper Artist Anita Rivera...on my site, please stop by! Her work is amazing!

    Art by Karena

  2. Seeing the Creative inspirations on the Boards turn into exciting fabrics and furniture clearly demonstrates the "behind the Scenes effort" that seems so natural when you see the Amazinf finished products.
    Thank you for sharing

  3. LOVED touring with you (and Lynn for a bit) and, as usual, agreed on most everything. Adore those talented Hable girls and the Lilly and Barclay Butera are amazing resources. Thanks for the mention!!

  4. How I missed Lilly I don't know!! We got tied up at the also quite nice Thibault! LOVED my tour with you. You know sooo much about navigating market. Thank you so much for the kind words and link!!
    Hope to see you soon. Do contact me next time you are in NYC!

  5. Gorgeous images - makes me want to make a mood board for fun.


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