Friday, November 4, 2011

High Point Page Six!

We all love to have a chance to meet our favorite designers, and High Point was loaded with the top talent. Rizzoli, clustered the luminaries of the millenium for their book signing event. It was a huge success, as the design groupies flooded the Market Square Courtyard. 
Justin Bieber, get out of town! 

Mary McDonald engaged in conversation with each and every one of her fans who waited patiently for her stunning new book, which sold out before I could get my hands on one. 

Many of my dedicated readers know that I consider Bobby McAlpine to be the genius of our era. His quiet presence and soulful approach to life, sprinkled with wit and humor dazzles me. 

If you haven't purchased his book, get it HERE. I cannot resist the opportunity to walk you through some photographs of my friend's stunning McAlpine house. 

For those of you who would like to see more of this house click HERE.

The elegant designer, David Easton describes his love of textiles at Safavieh.  Safavieh developed  a special Soumak weave to capture the handmade character of the ikat textiles Easton collects during his travels. The rugs are hand-knotted in India of 100 percent wool. 

Barclay Butera, is posing in his eponymous showroom with my adorable new client, Haley. Separated at birth? Her husband built my website, and is amazing, so if you are interviewing tech support to build or alter your site--he's your man.

Thom Filicia , Genevieve Gorder of Dear Genevieve, and Francine Garder of Interieurs NYC had a joyous reunion at Capel Rugs, where Genevieve's new collection of graphic and colorful wool dhurries
took center stage. On Thom's link, his rolodex of favorite shopping haunts is a gold mine. His eco-friendly line at Safavieh was a show stopper.

His Henninger carpet in Purple Haze, embraces the plum tones we are starting to see around design town.
Excuse me while I kiss the sky!

Florence de Dampierre is new for me. She is a charming woman, interior designer and decorative arts historian, defining that je ne sais quois word: "insouciant." Her beautiful book, French Chic, is a revelation. This unusual transition fabric treatment puts the fun back in functional.

Two tone, graphic wood flooring, brings this girly, curvy French room down to earth.

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard's book: Live, Love and Decorate was a hit. His energetic presence bought quite a bit of sparkle into the room! He seems quite delighted with this edited wardrobe malfunction!

Suzanne Kasler, was scribbling her autograph madly for the waves of design lovers flooding the event. Her book, Inspired Interiors, was so distracting one Christmas, I could hardly open my other presents. I'm still not over her dining room.

In Interhall, in the IHFC, we ran into this glowing couple.

Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home was shopping at French Market Collection. She really is a lovely person and it comes across in her blog. The bloggy girls had a great time dining at Proximity last year. Steve Giannetti, needed to translate our social media obsessed banter to Bobby McAlpine, who is truly outside of the technological loop.

John Dransfield of Dransfield and Ross cuts a dapper profile at his eye candy space in interhall. Well, with all that name dropping, I have to admit a great fascination with this truly talented group of people who gather in High Point once a year to celebrate the ever mutating style of the home.

Even the market babies were wowed!

More Later!!

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  1. Well, Liz, you had quite the time! Another thing we definitely have in common, other than our love for design, is Bobby McAlpine. Bobby is form my hometown, Montgomery, ALabama, and he has made such a mark on our own! He work is beyond perfection!
    You were able to meet so many of my favorite designer!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love the baby's "wowed" expression. Wow quite a tour! High Point seemed to have a special buzz this year. I ran into Martyn Bullard as I was getting off the elevator at Barney's the other day - it was so out of context, I was like a deer in the headlights and had to apologize for ogling.

  3. How wonderful! I was so sad to have missed market this time, but now I feel as if I was there.
    I hope to see you next time!


  4. A star-studded event indeed! Glad you had such a great time!
    xo E + J

  5. You would make a great Paparazzi, great career ahead! Can I be the photographer ? I am quite happy with my shot of you and your icon Architect Bobby Mc Alpine! as for my pic with Thom and Jenn, next time please, do provide a stylist :)
    Can't wait to see the girls at the booksigning...

  6. Would be LOVELY to live in some of those books!

  7. Great post - great photos!

  8. I love the picture of the baby at the end. Future design star.


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