Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fashion and Decor Boldly Collide - Equestrian Style endures

By Liz Morten 
and Christine Storch

This fall, New York City and High Point collide in their adoration of all things equestrian.  Fashion has been head over heels for riding motif boots, pants, dresses and luxurious accessories.  Many of the major interior designers raised the bar for new takes on tradition. 

America's queen, stylishly passed equestrian scarlet fever, into a fashion addicted population. Fashionista, interior designer, Julie Browning Bova (below), merges her passion for equestrian attire and interiors, with her line for Stanford Furniture. Horse lovers, and design hounds, dive into her blog and website, its beautiful. 

You can't discuss equestrian without getting the boot.  This year the tall boot has continued to reign supreme.  Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren cleverly illustrate how a riding boot can become an essential part of any one's wardrobe.  Add an Hermes, Gucci, or J. McLaughlin scarf into the mix and you'll be riding though the holidays looking ridiculously refined.

Clockwise from top--vintage Hermes scarf/  Center-- Tory Burch, right top and bottom--Tory Burch,/ Far left bottom-- Ralph Lauren

Classic interiors, with splashes of equestrian motifs throughout, make the most of deep, rich hues and breathtaking wood accents, in Badgley Mischka's fresh: "Old, Kentucky Home."

The little black dress has entered the equestrian house. Black/Navy walls are "heavy going" to quote the Brits, yet traditional dark barn shades are space expanding while the lacquer sheen creates an oxymoronic limit. Layer this  focal point campaign bar, with cut crystal decanters, and you have visual poetry. 

Plaids, spit and polish, paneling, and lanterns are elements of the equestrian style. Diamond Baratta's sensational entry, above defines the good breeding obtained through combined comfort and elegance. Ralph Lauren, the undisputed master of the hunt, is never spartan with the tartan. 

Beyond the antique horse prints and vintage trunks, the use of brass adds bold character and supports this clean styling of Bagley and Mischka's guest room.  This suptle use of brass is also the linchpin to the coat by O'Halloran below.  

Palladian, Georgian style is synonymous with equestrian tradition. Magnificent millwork and  craftsmanship transport us to the golden days of racing, and the sport of kings. Military precision commands utilitarian brass seams, lanterns and timepieces. We adore this kitchen and challenge you to find us a better one.  

Diamond Baratta design

The delightful blue paint makes us want to get out our biggest hat and head for the track.

Liz's Parents are already there!! 

A. J. Munnings captured the style and decorum of the hunting set. The flattering military cut of the uniform was the foundation of the riding habit. 

Stella McCartney, a fashion force, rides through the fall with her exquisite take on the subject and nails the look effortlessly.

Gucci  pays homage to it's riding heritage with this amazing silk dress.  This bold color is seen, across the board, in fashion and decor.

Well tended bridles and stirrups earn archetypal status as they repeat this ancient call to formation. 

Ralph Lauren's spring introduction, brass stirrup chandelier

The iconic, must have accessory--the Hermes scarf. Wear it or frame it, stuff it and make a pillow, but please do something worthy. 

Dovecote Decor: bespoke equestrian decoupage table lamp

New this market, the saddle chair won over our equestrian client. 

Pair them with Christine's fabulous plaid cape and head to the races!

Hope you enjoyed our new collaboration! 
Liz and Christine

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  1. Thanks for this superb post--just the information that I needed. Really a confirmation of a trend that I have been feeling was on the horizon. It's great to see the classics come to the forefront. Mary

  2. Love this post. Always been a big big fan of anything equestrian since my riding days and when they ended around 18...its so elegant, timeless and refined. It never ever goes out and always has a casually regal effect. Beautiful examples here. Thanks....

  3. What an absolutely GORGEOUS and MAGNIFICENT post, Liz!!!! I adore horses but live in the city and always will....some of my favorite blogs are about horses and keep an eye out for my Christmas posts, for I use an unbelievable array of horse THE SNOW!

    These fashions bring me fond memories of when I lived in S. Hamilton, Massachusetts. Having moved there for school from Los Angeles, I feel more in love with the equestrian life style. I had worked a couple of months at TALBOTS which was situated right in a rural part of Wenham, right near some horse farms. I HAD TO BUY ALL THE APPARREL!!!! I had a pair of the most beautiful riding boots and I wore them out! Fabulous post.

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my post and yes, those photos of the pigeon and feathers come from the beautiful Tumblr site, BROWN WITH WITH WHITE DOTS. ENJOY! Anita

  4. Oh my goodness....look at all my errors! I meant, I FELL IN LOVE, and then, the name of the Tumblr site is BROWN DRESS with white dots....

  5. Oh wow! This post is amazing and full of everything beautiful.
    Can Ralph Lauren or Hermes do anything wrong? No.
    I love the paintings, the furniture, the accessories, and everything equestrian, and always have.
    Beautiful post!

  6. The equestrian look seems so effortless, but I guess when you have such fabulous clothes and decor, it is easy! Fun post, Liz. thanks for stopping by Divine Distractions yesterday. I'm glad to be blogging again!

  7. equestrian is my favorite look and your collection has whet my appetite

  8. What a gorgeous post. All of the equestrian touches are perfection. I'm also loving every interior that is sprinkled with equestrian tidbits. The floor in that one image is beyond amazing. Oh my goodness.

  9. Good morning Liz,

    Your kind comment brought an "Oh wow!" moment to my morning. You see I have been a long time admirer of your wonderful online shop. Your taste is exquisite.

    Your post today is wonderful. I have faith that I will one day find an equestrian Hermes scarf at a flea market or thrift store just waiting to be loved by me.

    Be blessed!

  10. What a lovely most enjoyable post! And I agree that kitchen will be hard to beat!
    Allso love the equestrian focus.
    Have a lovely week,
    Colette - Afrique du Sud

  11. I am waiting for someone to comment on how cute my parents are!! Those are actually my parents photographed by the Blood Horse Magazine, years ago in Saratoga!! I think the caption beneath actually read: "Even the old timers came." That was 15 years ago, and they're still going!

  12. Your parents are adoreable Liz!! I actually first thought it was a picture of Penny Tweedy because we *just* saw Secretariat the other night for the first time and your mom and her look so similar. Truly, it's a great image of them both!
    Since seeing the movie, I've been in an equestrian state of mind so this post was a joy to behold...I loved every bit of it, and want some new boots in a very bad way now!
    xoxo J~

  13. What a fun new collaboration!! Just love equestrian chic - it's true - it's a timeless look for decor and fashion!!

  14. Lots of inspirations. I always loved animalier style.

  15. Fun post, love anything that reminds me of Ralph Lauren's style. The saddle chair is fabulous.

  16. Love the Hermes boots! Wonderful inspiration!

  17. wonderful and well-researched post, Liz....and your parents look fantastic at Saratoga! Penning you an email now....

  18. We are so on board with this style.It is a classic. Great post.

  19. Love, love this!
    I simply had to have a new pair of riding boots this year, and I'm writing this curled up underneath a Ralph Lauren tartan blanket!!

    Hello to Kathleen!

  20. Liz,
    What's not to love about this style?! I'm completely smitten with the lacquered walls and that bold light fixture in the last photo (though not necessarily equestrian) is calling my name!

    Excited to hear you're headed to Paris!!
    xo Elizabeth

  21. Thanks for the comment on Diamond Baratta - and I LOVE this equestrian post. I've got to find any one of those boots! I'm loving all the research of products you did!

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