Friday, November 18, 2011

Table Settings of Holidays Past

As many of you know, the girls, with boyfriends in tow, and I are going to Paris for the Thanksgiving Holiday. It feels strange, not to be home decorating and cooking with family and friends, but I made a surprisingly swift adjustment. I was looking back at some of our photos of parties and decorations and thought it would be fun to share them with you. 

I collect antique staffordshire transferware. These surgar bowls are wonderful for mantel arrangements. With scotch tape I create a grid to support the bouquet. 

I used an April Cornell plaid table cloth for this wintery occasion. 

 Several years ago, a friend made an arrangement like this for our Thanksgiving table. The following year I put this one together. It's a very simple and quick fix when you are cooking a big dinner.
In Spring, we use more pinks, but I almost always use pinks and oranges together in arrangements. 

 This arrangement was for a BookMarks event in town. I used oasis and chicken wire to secure the height of the branches and flowers. 

For the authors reception this fall I raided my neighbor's garden and supplemented with grocery store flowers. I am a fearless entertainer, and often experiment on my guests. I don't worry about flowers being perfect, because I cannot stand tortured flowers.

On a Springier note, I used the Staffordshire again in three low arrangements along the table. I often use my vegetable terrines in the server behind for delicious cold summer soups. 

 Working in the breezeway keeps the mess out of the house. 
 The round hall does double duty for over flow.

 An alfresco table setting, where we laid dogwood branches on the table. 

Entertaining at the Morten house is always a group effort. I ask friends to bring their signature dish. These generous offerings were beyond delicious! While we are on the topic,  I want to show you my friend's supernaturally, beautiful cakes. 

Charlotte Glover, has recently started Magnolia Cake and Confections in Stuart Florida. She was visiting me overnight, when she was recently in North Carolina for yet, another cake workshop. These cakes will bring tears to your eyes. We spent all evening going through her photographs and looking at all her magnificent eye candy.
This is when I completely lost it! 
She literally sculpts and hand paints each flower from sugar.  Her attention to detail is amazing. She is not playing with her food, she is elevating it to new dimensions!
I am so proud of Charlotte's gifts. Tell all your Florida friends about her!
Happy Thanksgiving to all our bloggy friends. 
I'll be posting on Paris!! 
Be sure to pass on any hot tips or favorites for us to visit. 


  1. Hi Liz~
    Will be sending you a note this eve with tips, which could be voluminous but I will try to be brief...the cakes are super amazing as is all the Blue & White.....

  2. Beautiful!! While I'm insanely jealous of your Thanksgiving trip, I loved taking this little trip with you. I think you could have a second career in floral design if you were ever interested!! And the cakes!! Too bad she doesn't live closer - or perhaps that's good.

  3. Liz, your floral arrangements and Charlotte's cakes are fabulous!! So creative and unique!

    Would you email me.... I have a couple of questions to ask since you are off to Paris shortly (if you have time)

    Love and Hugs,


    Art by Karena

  4. What a stunning are quite the floral designer, I was drooling over each creation but especially the al fresco wonder in the stunning blue and white..fabulous! Then the cakes, what a talent...and you can see its a total labor of love. So hope you are having fun "roughing it" in Paris, know it cannot be easy, but am sure you can manage:) Safe travels..and a Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  5. Have the most wonderful time in Paris - marron glacé season!

    Love your blue and white and fully intend to move into your breezeway~

  6. Liz-
    I always look forward to your posts. You have never been dull by any means. I love your table settings. You put so much thought into everything you do.
    Amazing trip! Paris for Thanksgiving!
    Have a wonderful trip, and Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Lovely post..beautiful flowers. I wish you a BON VOYAGE!
    Have lot's of fun, enjoy every moment
    ps Just returned last week from France and have to be off again next week...wished i could top by Paris and meet with you all.
    xo fg

  8. Can not believe you are going to Paris for Thanksgiving! Sounds romantic and magical! Safe travels! Hope your trip is fabulous! We will be in Mexico... I understand the weird feeling about being away for this family oriented holiday... But somehow, we'll manage...

  9. Have a superThanksgiving adventure. Paris is always to die for and the weather is still not too bad in November.

  10. thanksgiving in paris!! we cannot wait to see paris through your eyes, enjoy

    you are quite the flower arranger/entertainer, i learned quite a bit here. lastly, the cake lady, OMG!
    bon voyage

  11. Lucky will be magic! Go for dinner at Le Grand Colbert where Keaton, Nicholson, Reeves had dinner in Something's Gotta Give.
    Great atmosphere, great food and don't forget a visit to Ile St. Louis (wonderful shawls, scarves, fashion on the main street)and eat at Brasserie de l'Ile St. Louis then walk back and get lost in the Marais district with its galleries, museums,stores and the gorgeous Place des Vosges)I could write for hours... Bon voyage!

  12. Wow, thanks for including me in your blog!!! All those kind words do a girl good! I was totally out-of-pocket taking another round of classes, this time in Atlanta, with Susan Carberry, at Nicholas Lodge's International Sugar Art. Hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!!

  13. How lovely! Flowers really do make a big difference! Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

  14. Those cakes are gorgeous, a question, were you a floral designer? Beautiful arrangements and choice of flowers. Enjoyed this post,
    and sugar bowls are wonderful.

  15. Wow -so beautiful! You'll have to let us know how Thanksgiving in Paris was. I'm spending a week for christmas in Paris this year and can't wait!

  16. Amazing...glad I am not around the block to pig out on this feast!

  17. Just found your lovely blog via Karena. Great post! Everything is so beautiful! I'm your newest follower and am enjoying browsing around here.

  18. I just found you through Karena as well! So glad to find you! Your beautiful floral arrangements are amazing. :)

  19. This is timely as I'm setting the table for a Christmas luncheon tomorrow. Along w/the inspiration I loved seeing parts of you house. Those cakes are gorgeous too. Hope you Thanksgiving Day in Paris was wonderful.


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