Saturday, October 29, 2011

High Point October 2011 Trend Report

High Point really cleaned up its act, after the Mayor of Las Vegas announced that they were going to bury the International Furniture Market. It was a bold statement, considering The High Point Furniture market is the largest event in the United States, exceeding both the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras for attendance and revenue. This year, we were not disappointed as we danced our way through the B-52's sound check, attended the Rizzoli book signings, and zipped around in the "go anywhere" vans.  Last October, my High Point wrap post celebrated the return of color. Gray scale, or as I like to call it: "Recession Griege," is still the entrenched mantra of many vendors, but the color trend continues to mutate from Soaring 60's preppy shades to saturated blues, greens, plums, yellows and oranges. 

Hollywood regency mirrored furniture has emerged from trend to household staple. Sheen is the counterpoint to texture in a room and dominates this chic aesthetic.  Lacquer, mirrors, glass, metal and high gloss finishes are the common denominator, as interiors recombine and mutate echoing the swinging single eras of the 40's and 60's.  The hip pad is in. The Shabby Chic nest is going out. 

Moroccan inspired mirrors and Eastern fabric combined with bold geometrics pull together this Rat Pack mid-century cocktail of a room.  Fast forward,  and you get Sex and the Single Girl, or...

Sex in the City! 

Thomas O'Brien's show room at Hickory Chair is pure modern opulent. Glowing velvets and silks elucidate this polished aesthetic, in contrast to the drab, raw finishes of the griege era. Nail head trims tailor both the bookshelves and sofa. Savile Row is in, flea market is out.

Thomas O'Brien desk in Carrie and Big's apartment. 

Opulent hip is the operative description for this sophisticated vignette. Tony Duqette, perfected the rich hippie look for the 60's version of the swinging pad. 

Whimsical details, layered patterns and Asian elements are all part of the Duquette "More is More" theatrical interiors. Here's how a cool pair of designers re-interpret the scene.

Shopping the look in the High Point show rooms-- Hermes Orange compliments the peacock blues and saturated greens. 

Traditional Asian elements emerge in shades du jour. 

Lacquer, mirror and metallic finishes combine with asian and mid-century lines to kick up the neutral palettes. This takes me back to my Azuma days. 

A new twist on Carrie's desk. 

Orange and gray are buffed with silvery finishes with this chic chest and geometric mirror. Graphic punch, organic forms, nickel and chrome create an alternate version of the hip pad. 

Lillian August's showroom at Hickory White, was a show stopper. This small room does big things, using several large antiqued mirrors and dark paint, Lillian's pulled together eclectic sensibility strikes a sophisticated Hollywood glam chord. Are you feeling it? The look is all about seduction. Its a room where you want to steal a kiss, dance backwards in high heels, or watch a confirmed bachelor drop on one knee. Another way to add a sleek dimension is--no dimension. 

Tony Duquette, the original hipster, glam, pad designer of all time, uses this lucite for a subtle layer. We have been stalking the elusive, well crafted acrylic coffee table for months. The right stuff is not plastic, it is a hefty material. It is impossible to buy it vintage from a photograph because it scratches and is hard to see. We found this little darling at market. 

Notice the X base is one molded piece. We hauled this ridiculously heavy, invisible load down corridors,  elevators and stairs in the IHFC--we are sore and stiff, but here it is!!

We are waiting for the new sofa, but loving the invisible acrylic coffee table. 

More market madness later!!


  1. WONDERFUL round up!! As you can imagine, I'm loving all the orange. Liz - whose fabulous trapezoidal desk is that with the orange inside? I love it!! And is that your house? Lovely!! And who is the little one?

  2. Duelling furniture shows, what fun! and I am definitely going to embrace my inner orange and blue after this post~

  3. loved seeing high point through your eyes as i could not attend this year and great stealth photography!

  4. You really did go around the town!! perfect wrap post.

  5. Fantastic coverage, you got all the great ones here!! Hickory Chair is looking better than ever..was so bummed I couldn't go but am going in the spring and cannot wait!!
    I heard it was a very good show both in attendance and in how things looked. Loved seeing it through your eyes....

  6. I was disappointed with my color finds at HIgh Point. Saw way too much blue and orange and nothing really innovative. Glad I wasn't a buyer this year.

    Even the pictures you posted are pretty, it's nothing really outstanding. I found much better color choices as the local Crate & Barrel then at High Point this season. Here's a link to my color finds if you want to see:

  7. I LOVE IT, Liz! You always bring something new to the table! I love anything O'Brien does too! Great choices and the room and the view in your home is gorgeous!
    Have a nice and restful Sunday. All of you lucky "High Pointers" need a rest.

  8. Thanks for the update and love that acrylic table.

  9. Wow! What a fabulous post! I am so excited to be able to get a glimpse of what kinds of things can be seen at this event! My son is actually visiting High Point next weekend for a college visit... I swear he picked this school out by himself!
    What a fabulous lucite table! Just fabulous!
    Thanks for sharing... can't wait for more!
    And thank you for ignoring the rules!

  10. Wow, that table! and I love the picture with the beautiful girl, autumn foliage behind and elegant furniture, it is an image that tells a lot.

  11. Wow! First of, I love your acrylic table! Stunning! And thank you so much for all the pictures. Loving seeing "Sex and the City"!

    Have a Happy Halloween!


    Luciane at

  12. Loving that new acrylic coffee table - WOW!!

    Also loving all the lacquered and mirrored furniture. Thanks for the advance on what's going to be hot this year in decor!

    xx Elizabeth

  13. I'm so happy about the continued resurgence of color...and what you showed here is so very tasteful and pretty, I loved it...nothing scared me!
    xo J~

    (The last image is precious!)

  14. Hello sweet Liz! :-)

    I just wanted to drop by to thank you for your comment and for posting that kitchen on your pinterest. I'm happy you liked it!

    Have a blessed weekend, my friend.


    Luciane at

  15. Great coverage Liz - it was a beautiful Market! LOVE that LUCITE!!

  16. Hi Liz! I realize this post is going quite a while back but I just love this lucite coffee table. I've been looking for the perfect one for a while now and this it IT. Do you have any information on where I might be able to find it?


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