Saturday, October 15, 2011

Annie Selkie Fresh American Design Booksigning at Belle Maison

Winston Salem is so excited by Annie Selke's visit to Belle Maison next week. I remember the first time the girls and I saw her Pine Cone Hill textile line in the early 1990's at High Point. We loved the clean, vibrant colors and patterns. The comforters are truly the coziest I've ever snuggled under. They are as beautiful in our house today, as they were 10 years ago. When the weather gets cold, I'm wrapped in Pine Cone Hill.

Images ranging through Annie's design categories, help readers define their personal vision: "In Fresh American, there’s no “right” way to create your ideal living space—design ideas become flexible, fluid, and, most of all, fun. You might find that you lean mostly toward one style, but still want to incorporate elements of another. That’s what Fresh American is all about—composing spaces that are entirely you." Are you "Romantic," "Nunaced," "Happy," "Cultured," or "Exuberant?" You might be a combination. Here is how you identify the zodiac of your taste preferences, and execute your look. 

A simple way to evoke the "Happy Preppy" look, Annie explains,  is to loose the pink and green cliches associated with the era. A two tone color palette, in a mixture of graphic plaids, florals and stripes creates an harmonious, pulled together room that is fresh and...well, happy. 

First time apartment owners and renters purchasing one piece at a time, frequently choose a neutral palette, as they select functional pieces on a budget. It makes sense, as neutral goes with everything. A calm design scheme is desirable in urban settings, as a refuge from the bright lights and big city chaos. Beach houses in these hues merge seamlessly, bringing the outdoors in. Done incorrectly, neutral can telegraph indecision, or lack of effort--read rental. Done correctly with textures, shades layers and sculptural forms, it spells c-h-i-c. Annie deciphers the code for lovers of this aesthetic. 

"Cultured Eclectics" love collections, curiosities, art, one of a kind and quirky pieces. It takes confidence to pull the trigger on a great flea market find or e-bay treasure. The big question is: " How do I pull all these disparate interests together. You've got the fever, Annie's got the cure. 

Every day exuberance takes me back. I can vividly remember the first time I walked into a house and saw a shocking pink sofa. It was my boyfriend's house, and his Mother was remarkably pleased. Incorporating graphic wall papers, and florals while celebrating modern design is how this style is achieved. 

If you are a Refined Romantic, you may be a Taurus, lover of home and hearth. Refined Romantics treasure craftsmanship and provenance. Lose the lace and the frills, and look for objects with history, and shine. Bring in fresh flowers from the garden and add floral accents with pillows, wall papers and fabrics. 
Come See Annie Selke at 
Belle Maison in
Historic Reynolda Village
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  1. Liz I adore her style!! Annie realy knows how to pull it all together!!

    Oh and I have a Designer Pillows Giveaway, I hope you will join!


    Art by Karena

  2. So original and pretty, Liz.
    Thank you for sharing this book.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Btw, I love Pine Cone Hill too!

  3. Love her flexible style - really something for everyone. The book is on my holiday list!! Hope all is well with you. Looking forward to your market recaps!!

  4. Q said it right, she does have a flexible design and I also like that.

    Great post, Liz!

    Have a great day!


    Luciane at

  5. Liz, I love that quote about "Fresh American"! I'm afraid I can't make it up to Winston for the book signing, but I will be sure to pick up a copy. Great post! xoxo Viive

  6. Very pretty, and fresh looking.
    Will have to look out for the book.


  7. I absolutely love her vibrant and spirited style--have fun at her signing!

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