Friday, May 7, 2010

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are seldom in the spotlight. They stand quietly in a living room, offering a place to put one’s cocktail.  They are often simple and boring, only invited into a beautiful home to be covered with magazines and hidden with floral arrangements.

Until now…..

This glass-topped table allows the focus to fall upon the beautiful and unique base – a boat propeller!

The “Math Lesson” table features a built in dog bed.  It is a gorgeous mix of natural wood, dark metal, and leather.  Wouldn’t it look just charming with your little furry friend inside?!

Low and sleek, this wooden table has an eye catching mirrored niche in the middle, perfect for floral arrangements, wine bottles, magazines, etc.

Vintage trunks are incorporated, as coffee tables, into eclectic room themes recalling the era of luxury extended travel.  This modern take on the traditional trunk is fresh and functional.

Interesting objects from the vertical axis, like this French road sign, function beautifully on the horizontal plane as table tops.   This sign is an example of the current "travel" theme resonating through  designer showrooms.

We never get tired of the Greek key motif.  Its sculptural geometric qualities add dimension to the quiet, calm, neutral themes prevalent in our hurried era.


  1. We grew up calling them cocktail tables. I guess it may be a geographic thing?

  2. Good side tables, cocktail tables, occassional tables, etc. are hard to find. After all the work of decorating a room, they can really make or break the whole project!!! Your post showed how they can be fun or functional instead of merely decorative. If you are short on room, I like the idea of making them dual purpose. Keep up the great work!!!!

  3. I have always loved trunks, I'm delighted to see them!

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