Saturday, May 15, 2010

Upholstery Trends

Dovecote's favorite upholstery combinations mix traditional frames with modern fabrics..or visa verse--new with old--old with new. This smart fabric on these beautifully scaled, country french, Suzanne Kasler dining chairs for Hickory Chair, adds a grounding, geometric edge--perfectly balancing the feminine orientation of the room scheme.

The clear trend is the use of nail head trim, on both wood and upholstery as a sculptural variation.  This cabinet is a wonderful example of the vertical direction in upholstery.  Cabinets, desks and shelving, are upholstered in suede, leather, cow hide--even crocodile, with the nail head trim creating pattern and depth. The variation in texture from the "sea of brown," as seen in in the soft wash finishes on furniture all over High Point, adds a fresh focal point.

This is our favorite upholstered item from High Point. Thomas O'Brien, yet again-- Hickory Chair,  shatters the cabinet barrier--it is transitional, stylish storage appropriate for almost any room. This is a work horse . As much as we relocate, this versatile piece will never be edited during transitions.

Little me with my sweet "rep."

This diminutive Arts and Crafts style chair, combines a small footprint with the characteristic medieval decoration patterned through the use of nail head trim. Its charm echoes the aesthetic of its era (1880-1910).  It was an industrial revolution rebellion turning to a nostalgic, romantic past.  The Pre-Raphaelites credo was:  truth to material, traditional craftsmanship, and economic reform. Nail head trim seems to emerge during periods of middle class prosperity. It was introduced during the regency period of Louis XIII when the Parisian fashions were toned down to accommodate the relaxed style of their first emerging middle class.  It is all over town right now, so let's keep our fingers crossed!!

This sofa is a stunning example of the effects nail head trim achieves to emphasize form.  This eye catching,  Eastern themed sofa is a scene stealing starlet. I want her front and center on my next project! 

Here is a trophy to bag on your next furniture Safari. Travel themes prevail, as we increasingly yearn to bring foreign and exotic elements into our homes. Strong, natural geometrics bring the most neutral rooms to life, allowing the eye to distinguish elements that would visually merge.  

Anglophiles stop here!  Flags of all nations and functions provide large geometric splashes of color. This casual and fun ottoman is large enough for the kids to sprawl on with a book, and sturdy enough as extra seating for several adults.  Liz, Viive and Benji give it a triple salute. 

Fun and casual nautical flags evoke salt air, summer breezes and lazy afternoons. This comfortable twist on the wing chair is still unique among market offerings. You can see it on, our commerce site, which will launch soon!


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