Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Liz, Benji and Viive send you bouquets of roses from our Dovecote Courtyard.  Our early supporters are so appreciated by all of us!!  This is a Peace Rose, one of the most successful cultivars of all time, due to its disease resistance and hardy qualities.  These plantings were established by Chip Callaway & Associates in 1998.  Winston-Salem is not Pasadena (Mediterranean City of Roses) and la rose,  in this climate, requires spraying.  Thanks to the services of Witherspoon Rose Culture,  we enjoy a splash of the Riviera in Piedmont, N.C.
Rosa banksiae, also known as "Lady Banks" takes over. I let her have her way-- leaping and skipping from tree to tree, with an occasional styling. The concrete, faux bois benches provide a sturdy vantage point to enjoy the parking court. They've been hit a few times, but have preserved the wall!  An interesting blog, detailing construction, variety and history of this traditional art form is:

New Dawn is a vigorous rambler. Like all these climbers, they are one hit wonders, but their rich green foliage soften architectural lines and lend a sense of continuity to the home.

The New Dawn in the rear courtyard provides a romantic setting for dinner on the terrace. Its fragrance is soft and shades the evening with the illusion that Spring will last forever.

I cannot resist a parting shot of our second year of hydrangeas and salvia in the kitchen window.  I simply drop the plastic pots from the farmers market into the terracotta pots sitting in the window box.  The salvia (S. nemorosa "May Night") hides behind the foliage of the hydrangeas. The plastic is invisible, and holds moisture better than the clay pots. Hydrangeas love water, requiring a dose or two everyday, but are infinitely worth the trouble. In the fall, we transfer the shrubs into strategic locations around the garden, doing double duty, for future seasons.
These 4' Hydrangeas beyond the boxwood were $15.00 from the grocery store!  I can't say enough for the versatility of these plants. I love them for months, in the house on my kitchen Island, with orchids interspersed between. They create a long lasting, inexpensive bouquet, requiring no arranging. Over the years, they have migrated to all corners of the garden. My favorite landscape architect, Ed Hollander,  plants Stargazer Lily bulbs simultaneously, along side the root ball. They stand elegant sentry above the shrubs, serving as willing supports to this lanky, seductive flower. 

Happy Mother's Day, again,  to all our followers, Facebook fans, You Tube folks, and Tweeters!! We appreciate each and every one of you.
Liz, Benji, Viive

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