Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Best Farm Ever: Part II: Upstairs--Eaves and Jeeves

Where's Jeeves? Guests are completely at home at this relaxing farm, pitching in for meals and games of paint-ball. When the rain drops fall, this is a calm retreat from all the fun. The soft white and blue motif still looks fresh and clean under the clutter.  The simple white porcelains add an inexpensive Gustavian touch.

Eaves dropping from all angles, create quite a challenge, for this girl's bedroom.

Not for designer Tatiana Armstrong! This tightly patterned fabric by Roberta Freymann solves the problem of the unusual shape of this room, providing bright warmth. We have this problem upstairs in my own house, where all the rooms are under roof,  it is impossible to hang pictures to break up the space. 

Every little girl needs a stage for her animal world! A clever little lit cabinet at the far end of the room creates an inviting storage and play area.  Painted vintage pieces add a homey farm context and will remain cherished as its young occupant replaces toys and animals with shoes and make-up.  The canopy over the bed draws the eye and adds height to a low ceilinged room, breaking up the narrow space. A contrasting narrow stripe further defines and divides this former attic and is a sophisticated touch that will age the room gracefully.  

Where do you place a bed, when there is no bed wall? You put the bed in front of the window and create bed hangings instead of classic draperies. Again, the solution to the tight space is a large patterned wall paper.  It is a very small bedroom, but it is cozy and creates needed space for a large family and their grateful guests. 

This adjoining, sweet guest room employs the same solution and adds the necessary extra space for a family whose motto is: Guests of Guests may bring Guests!


  1. Lovely, simply lovely!!! What cozy and beautiful places to come home to.

  2. Oh my! I will take those white plank floors. Splendid!!

  3. I adore the top room, the white and powder blue are so cozy, and those floors are amazing. The angular rooms are also so sweet.

  4. I love the wallpaper in the last bedroom - do you know what it is?

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