Thursday, March 29, 2012

House Beautiful's April 2012 "Making it in L.A.

House Beautiful did an in-depth round-up titled "Making it in L.A. " by David A. Keeps, describing Los Angeles's  thriving home furnishings industry. Hutton Wilkinson's adorable intern, Berry, toured us through the La Cienega Design Quarter. Who knew that California ranks #1 in the U.S. for the number of cabinetmakers, bench carpenters and furniture finishers? As a North Carolina furniture manufacturing, High Point black belt, this article was an amazing eye-opener. Here is our take away, but you must get this issue and keep it on file.

After a delightful lunch at the Ivy, we strolled the three block district of vine covered shops. Touring design districts to see how top talent combine fabrics, textures, colors, lighting and accessories is a sure path to your own interior inspiration. Even if the feast of deliciousness is over your head financially, there is much absorb and apply to your own projects.

OHWOW:  "OHWOW was established in 2008 by Al Moran and Aaron Bondaroff to encourage artistic innovation and provide a platform for progressive art of all media, featuring both emerging and established artists’ work." The piece below by Terry Richardson recreates the red carpet experience.

As you walk past this super sized interactive photograph, the cameras start noisily flashing and clicking as the paparazzi call out and the crowd roars. Quite the ego boost to say the least. We took a few gracious turns in front of it, then we popped our glamorous selves over to Hollyhock.

Suzanne Rheinstein's, Hollyhock, carries la creme de la creme in accessories, antiques, as well as her eponymous upholstery and fabric lines. We shop all the time, but these accessories and vignettes are breathtaking.

This container garden of Vladimere Kanefsky porcelain flowers would be a stunning perennial accent to any room. Suzanne's insistence on quality hand made goods is what makes all the difference in her well curated store and client's homes. Shop for accessories that are artisanal and pleasing to your eye, and it will all go together in the end. I will mix high and low, as I am trying to gather a collection. If a piece has a chip I just turn it, so that it will be invisible. Slowly, I will find good pieces over the years and nudge the illusions out of the room.  Crossing the street we spent a good amount of time digesting the vintage furniture, art and lighting at Paul Marra design.

Paul Marra is a lively raconteur and shared his connoisseur's eye. Here is a classic blackamoor, the quintessential Hollywood Regency accessory. Originally from New Orleans, it held a torch in the raised hand. He pulled out Albert Hadley's "The Story of America's Preeminent Interior Designer" and illustrated how the maestro used them in one of his famous installations.

Do not dismiss expensive shops as out of the realm. Training your eye prepares you for great finds at consignment shops, estate sales, salvage yards and even flea markets. Carry your camera and keep files. I am filing this tole chandelier and smart sconce that are in Marra's lighting line.

This handsome stitched red leather sconce has made it into my staple file. 

Original Fornasetti floor lamps circa 1950, in painted malachite have a price tag of $10,500.00 so, keep your eyes open. Treasures like these can turn up anywhere. The La Cienega district is beautiful, and full of gorgeous little alley ways. At the end of February, the jasmine and wisteria are blooming and their spring flowers are abundant. It is the perfect respite from dreary winter!

In our next post we are heading over to Harbinger to take a lesson from designers Joe Lucas, Parrish Chilcoat and Bunny Williams

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  1. Another great tour, Liz. When do you sleep?
    The porcelain flowers look so natural, and of course I am in love with the blackamoor.
    Thank you for sharing.

    I have too much going on to make this Highpoint but I am going to plan my schedule around the next one! No excuses!!
    Have a great time, and keep the pictures coming!

  2. Beautiful love love that tole chandelier! Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing all the beauty.

  3. Liz thank you so much for this lovely tour.
    I agree, even the very high end pieces can inspire us all!

    Art by Karena

  4. Great post. I need to go down and visit La Cienega. Sounds like a fun and productive day.

  5. Liz,
    I live near enough to L.A. to take advantage of a day of shopping, even if things may be out of our costs nothing to look and to absorb ideas.
    Thanks for this.

  6. Great tour, Liz. There is so much going on in that area and so many great places to shop. But I hate to go in as I will fall in love with something amazing!

  7. I have really enjoyed your California trip phot essays. Looks like a wonderful visit, and lots of fun, and marvelous eye candy. Thanks for sharing it with your lucky readers! Reggie

  8. I absolutely adore the idea of the Paparazzi Art. :) I've most my table again. It is currently being used as my bedside table. It makes me so happy to wake up to. I need to blog about this new vignette.

  9. I LOVED La Cienega - I only wish I'd had more to explore - lucky you! I adored Hollyhock - could have moved right in! And unfortunately Paul Marra wasn't open when we strolled by - love those lighting fixtures!! April's House Beautiful was indeed a great issue, especially when on the heels of our visit!!

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