Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Decorations, Ornaments, Layers and Love

This is Mrs. H.'s tree, it is more fabulous every year.
Here are some good secrets:
*String your lights from the inside out and use miles of it
*Have a ridiculous amount of ornaments, that are interesting and special to your life
*Great Christmas trees are like great charm bracelets--buy Christmas ornaments when you go on trips. A great Christmas tree is unique and personal.

My friend, Mrs. K. has generations of ornaments on her tree. Her house is the perfect example of stylishly mixing different era's. You do not get a room like this, like instant oatmeal. It takes several generations. 

A 60's transition between chrysalis and butterfly.

A luminous Aaron Shikler portrait, delightfully mingles with contemporary glass,
topped off with--
The Perfect Lampshade!!

Home made ornaments, made by our adorable, goofball children are the best.

A bejeweled bird swoops in from the 60's.

This antique fairy, in free fall, is my favorite.

I cherish the paintings of my children the most. This is Mrs. K.'s beautiful Mother.

All of these angels have different expressions. 

Repent, or you will get a lump of coal!

Another angelic interpretation, dangles in the doorway.

An old time Christmas cabin for you to peek inside.

Notice the clever cabin within the cabin?
Hint...look at the shadow box.

This might be the most beautiful creche I have ever laid my eyes on.
Note to all, Christmas celebrates family, birth, life and light, no matter what religion you follow.

More dangling angels from the chandeliers and door ways.

Wrap festive red ribbons around your stuff.

This curvy sofa, in the den, is covered in Sunbrella and is guarded by a  diligent ram.
Watch it!! He has a bit of a look in his eye.
More books, and please note, not covered in decorative paper.
We cannot enjoy the bliss of floating through other people's libraries, if they have covered
 book titles.
I am my books, and Quintessence needs to weigh in on this subject.

I too have this modern creche. All the faces of the adoration figures were people the artist (sadly deceased) knew. You can't see it, but Jesus has the cutest pudgy toes.

Mrs. K., her Grandmother and her Mother celebrated all the art and style of their time. The secret is... that good taste, in any age goes with everything--high and low!!
Nobody does it better!
Merry Christmas to all my bloggy friends.

That is me with Chatty Cathy. The heck with the tree.
I still remember the magic and complete happiness.


  1. I love it when a Christmas tree is a journal of the owners' life. It should evoke memories, tell stories and provide new discoveries. This is a wonderful tree.

  2. omg, we must be near the same age b/c my favorite doll was chatty cathy. in fact, i apparently looked like her b/c everywhere we went people called me that. how funny! i had forgotten all about her.

  3. What a fabulous post.. I love the old photo of you and the tree. That is precious. Mrs, K has great style.. Merry Christmas, xo marlis

  4. I think Christmas should be memories of the
    past years. I get very sad that I lost all thoses years of collecting year after year.
    When my House in Florida burnt down. But I just started collecting all over. Your home is lovely.
    Merry Christmas.

  5. Love, love, love this post!! Amen to your last statement " good taste, in any age goes with everything--high and low!!" and you and your alphabetic friends most definitely have it!! As for the books - need you ask? Of course I want to see them in their original state - jackets and all!!!

  6. Oh and forgot to add how much I love you and Chatty Cathy - but I have a feeling it might have been a close contest as to who was really chattier :-)))

  7. Thank you for this great post. Great taste does transcend all. I cannot imagine decorating that tree--amazing. Hope that you have a gorgeous, happy, loving Christmas. Mary

  8. Oh, LIz, this post brought tears to my eyes! So many collection pieces with a memory behind every single one. The Christmas cabin, oh my goodness. The picture of you and the Chatty Kathy, priceless Reminds me of Christmas past.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  9. I have just discovered your wonderful blogspot!Just read your latest and it was so special. I agree that the creche under the stairs IS the most beautiful I have ever seen as well. So happy to have found you! MERRY CHRISTMAS

  10. I love the idea that a Christmas tree is like a charm bracelet. Love that! It's just the way I do my tree. Those glass ornaments are just fabulous!

    I do remember the Chatty Cathy. Mine was a brunette, my sister's the blonde!

  11. Mrs. h's tree is the prettiest tree I've ever seen! I never imagined you could fit that many ornaments on a tree!! Just when I thought I had enough...
    Great post! As usual!

  12. I adore your Christmas frills, it all looks amazing. Thanks for sharing. I will follow on my way out so as I would love to visit again. I hope you will find the time to come visit my place and do the same. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to engaging and supporting your blog in the New Year. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  13. Liz thank you so much for sharing you home and decor with us all!! Gorgeous beyond~~

    Also you are the winner of the Antique architectural print (yay!) from Kerrie, so send me your info for mailing


    Art by Karena

  14. That tree is so stunning!! Hope you and your family have a great holiday!
    xo E + J

  15. Everything looks just amazing! So elegant yet so festive and inviting...agree nothing beats homemade ornaments from cute little creative hands and loving open hearts!! My favorites for sure and I am with you....the more twinkly lights the better and pack on the ornaments...there is no such thing as "too much"!! Merry Christmas!

  16. Christmas tree as charm bracelet - I like that a lot and it makes a great deal of sense.

    And me too - the antique fairy in free fall is my favourite.


  17. I was just dropping by to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for visiting my place and your special comments. I look forward to engaging more with you in 2012. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  18. I love your home: elegant and inviting. I too had a Chattie Cathy, and for years my older brother called me by that name...I wonder why?!

    Best wishes for a brilliant start to the New Year.

  19. Your friend has a beautiful tree! A belated happy holidays and all the best for 2012,

  20. I just found your blog and love this post. I gave me goosebumps seeing such a beautiful home, with antique furniture and collections of art. Like you said, this is not like instant porridge.

    As your new follower, I am looking forward to your visit
    Helen Tilston


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