Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Best Farm Ever Celebrates Thanksgiving with Family and Friends

If you've been following Dovecote Decor for a good while, you remember The Best Farm Ever post.  My friend is an epic hostess/organizer of weekend parties for family and friends. Watch how this stunning family dinner table evolves. Mrs. R. sets the table with her bamboo party chairs that she can stack away when the pool table isn't covered. 

Small arrangements in mint julep cups, make it easy to divide the flowers, and punctuate the long table, without obstructing conversation. Mrs. R. chose a perfect assortment of simple parrot tulips, daisies and berries to complement the Holiday motif. 

The added dimension of the floating sunflowers is brilliant. Sunflowers are hard to work with in arrangements, yet floating in reflective round globes they add a layer of beauty and shine,  to a wide table--note to self. 

The Hurricane lanterns, with orange candles repeat the floral refrain. Low votives scattered along the table glow, adding light and reflection to the beautiful reflective glass and silver. 

My definition of creativity is: mental flexibility. Creating a billiards room, that doubles for dining, is more than smart. Honestly, we play a bit of pool, but we eat more often. Don't be intimidated, be organized and flexible. If you have to add a little table at the end of the table, do it. Do not send the youngest to the children's table if you can avoid it. 

Thanksgiving is our unique American, family holiday, let everybody contribute. Yes, be organized, but let the wild rumpus of cooking begin. This way, everybody shines and shares traditions, recipes and techniques--it is going to make a mess. 

There will be arguments, and things might get burned, gravy might not thicken, but if you expect family time to be, what it usually amounts to, you will laugh and carry on for years, with the gossip and memories. Then, we all do the same crazy thing all over again.  

More baking

You've got to have crackers and wear funny hats. 

Before dinner, Champagne and Kelley's caviar announce the commencement of the evening. This is delicious American, Tennessee caviar, for a fraction of the price.

The dining room is set for serving. The walls are painted with vistas of the surrounding land. 

When it is only family, better to dress for the occasion, it brings out the best in us. The children tuck in first. 

On Friday, here come the friends.  Thanksgiving is football. 

The barn is ready for the onslaught of parents and children. Roberta Freymann fabrics in multiple colors and patterns work perfectly together and look wonderful with the Mexican tiled coffee table. The bold ethnic graphic is what this great wood swathed space needs--more notes to self. 

A 26 year old diplomat, negotiates a complex Monopoly summit of 4-14 year olds.  The little ones cannot add up their cash.  (This photo was taken at a different party last winter). 

Sal Ajro brings delicous wood fired pizza.

Do you see the fire in this drum? They not only warm the bones, but smell deliciously of fall. I would love a pair of these in my courtyard. 

They do double duty as planters. 

This is the other side of the barn with curtains along the covered terrace that close in the winter to make a large festive dining space. What could be better than eating outside in the winter with two roaring fires?

Mrs. R. brings down the previous night's decorations for another festive family evening for 18!

We are Thankful during the holidays for
our great country,
The men and women who protect us,
and our wonderful families.
Thanks also to Mrs. R. and her sister's glorious photographic skills!

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Good Luck Everyone! 


  1. A fantastic holiday party in the most wonderful setting - do you think they would adopt me?

  2. Liz what an amazing Holiday for your Family. The Thanksgiving Festivities have given me so many ideas!! As a Kansas Girl I love the floating sunflowers.

    I really want to see more or your dining walls art!

    Tis the Season!


    Art by Karena

  3. I must say that your friend know the true meaning of the term double-duty! Such a great place for family and friends to gather. Seems she has the entertaining thing down pat too.
    As always, a lovely post, Liz!

  4. Wow...the warmth, comfort, and hospitality just radiate from that beautiful setting...what more could one ask for when spending time with family & friends?!
    xo J~

  5. How lovely to see you in the one pink chair! It's so exciting when you find wonderful new friends and I have absolutely loved my visit here. seriously in love with the barn.

  6. Very lovely table arrangements. It is such an inspiration. I enjoyed the rest of the post. Nice blog!

  7. What a dreamy and well loved space for entertaining.
    For years we were guests to good family friends who lived on Park Avenue and had a home in Maine....where I learned the true art of entertaining is giving your guests "tasks" while educating them.
    I learned to do so many things from an incredible hostess that I shall never forget. I make a wicked fish chowder. One day, I hope to serve you a piping hot bowl.

  8. wow

    what a table setting.
    and i love the fire pit thingie.


  9. The comment above (Renee) went to summer camp in Salem, NC. I know because I sent her.
    Getting back to your post. What a gorgeous farm. The back porch with fireplaces is beautiful. May you and your family have a
    very happy Christmas and New year. Baking looks delish.

  10. Just incredible! The table set with arrangements in mint julep cups, those pies, families that dress for dinner and those barn doors!!!!

    Merry merry weekend, Liz. Thanks so much for sharing this!
    xoxo elizabeth

  11. Enjoyed the table setting very much dahhling.

  12. SO fabulous!! I just adore the barn - what a fantastic venue for entertaining!!

  13. You are one heck of a home maker. Everything looks so wonderfuy. Merry Christmas


  14. Sorry I tried to correct( Wonderful), it just published so fast. Those pies look great.


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