Monday, March 7, 2011

One King's Lane Tony Duquette Blow Out Sale!

Vying for Duquettery on One King's Lane has left me swooning on the sofa (my new sofa). I was worse than a man watching football, as I screamed, swore and jumped for joy, as treasures bounced between shopping carts. For those of you who have never participated in the One Kings Lane acquisition drama, I will give you the play by play. By 11:05, literally all the furniture and accessories were on hold, as the pros swept through in concert and dumped the entire load into their shopping carts. Items remain in respective shopping carts for exactly 15 minutes, so it is a waiting game requiring a hair trigger mouse finger, to click on the coveted item when it pops out of your enemy's territory, and back into the sale. It is key to set the oven timer to 14 minutes, as you run frantically through the house measuring to see where your new beloved objet is going to live. Reality check phone calls to friend's and family are hastily made at this time, rendering measuring difficult. Meanwhile, you need to be skimming through the sale to see what else has become available. I think I lost weight. Here are a few things that went in and out of my cart:

I was considering this as an overflow dining table. It is 20th century, and for $1,200, without leaves, it is a good price (78"L x 46" W). It is too large for the space however, so I  was also thinking I could give it to one of the girls.  Until THE SOFA came back into play. 

Even better than the table, this original design by Tony Duquette for Tony Duquette, was center stage in his San Francisco apartment. 

Now I am feverishly onto something!! "Original Duquette, Provenance," I repeat as a mantra while girl thinking takes hold in my brain. I am back in the dining room, where I have decided a sofa would solve the problem of underuse in that room. It would be a perfect haven for those sit around and eat parties, that I am prone to throw. Snapping out my measuring tape while I manned my cell phone for a life line, it has been determined that I NEED the sofa. Meanwhile, it bounced out of my shopping cart, and I had to recapture what was rightfully mine--One King's Lane understands its clients perfectly.  Below is a copy of my original Duqette sofa that Hutton reproduced for Dawnridge. 

Here are a few other items from the sale my friends and I agonized over. 

 Hutton Wilkinson printed Indian cotton, coral branches with yellow background.

Condition: New, in its original packaging
Made of: Cotton
Dimensions: 42"W x 10 yards
unfortunately sold. 

Salvaged doors from beautiful armoires, or wonderful old homes are an economical architectural solution to fill large space and ornament a room . They could be hung horizontally above a long sofa, vertically in stair wells, or flanking space on either sides windows or doors. You can't buy art, or carpentry for this price to fill expansive space, and it is art.

I love eclectic, weird little chairs. These fantastic slipper chairs from India, with a chalky white finish and tree of life motif speak to me. My usual threshold for old chairs is $300.00, but I would make an exception for these at $450.00 each. I do shop, and they aren't out there. They go with everything and I will say, they were in my shopping cart twice for the agony of it all. 

This silvered Indian Regency-style chair, with peacock blue/green upholstery and ram’s-head terminals, were glazed with orange shellac by Tony Duquette to give them their special "silver gilt" finish. With the rich price of $699.00 it is still available. I am not against this chair, given its provenance and wonderfully exotic look. Kathy from Princess Anne County made the most prescient comment on my first post of the sale:  "Liz & gang....visited the fav pieces were out of my $$$$ range...but enjoyed the show(especially those sofas!) I have the beautiful Goodman/Wilkinson book in my living room and refer to it when I'm in a self-doubt frame of mind (often!)...he was FEARLESS!" That is the point.

Our Fearless Leader's Bedroom at "Dawnridge"

These Duquette signature malachite painted Louis Philippe side tables, with ormolu decorations are seriously too fabulous at $4,000.00 for the pair. They never made it into my cart, but they are gorgeous! 

A pair of green lacquered Chinese cabinets painted with scenes of playing children

These cabinets used to decorate the drawing room at Dawnridge, Tony Duquette’s house in Beverly Hills.  For $749.00 for the pair, they were a steal and went instantly. 

Home Chan!

O.K., O.K., I know this is $7,000.00, but it is a stunning decorative antique with incredible wow factor. This Chinese palanquin or sedan chair, extravagantly carved and gilded, with sliding carved windows and doors, is extremely rare. The original red lacquer chair is inside, with the original carrying poles, and painted pagoda roof, it was later placed on a custom iron stand by Tony. Imagine the elegant ladies floating above the hoards.  It is still available..... Back to the bargains. 

I couldn't have been happier when this charming little (28") sink cabinet fell out of somebody's shopping cart. I nabbed it for a client's powder room for $149.00! Checking my e-mail, I was happy to reply that at least two items are in good hands: 



  1. L...A sofa!!!! I could just die of jealousy right about now....and that least be a friend and post pics for all the sore losers!
    Congratulations on a one-of-a-kind acquisition....k

  2. Those chairs are great! They are very unique and have such great detail in them that is very intriguing.

  3. Ha ha, I popped in to check it all out and found basically everything "on hold" and figured you design gurus were in a frenzy. The "I think I lost weight" line still has me laughing!!

  4. Wow, you really did go shopping. Love your finds, and it is obvious you are very happy about it!
    Have a great evening.

  5. Liz,

    This is tremendous! :-) The first table is MY DREAM! That's the kind of table I want in my dining room after my kids move their "playhut" tent out of there! LOL It's true... sad, but true... my dining room is their playroom! Thank goodness we're selling this house and the 1st thing I'll make sure to have in the next is a proper playroom for them! :-)

    Love your post today, sweetie!

  6. Cracking up at the "I lost weight" comment :) The lacquered green cabinets are so different and beautiful!

  7. I hope you'll post a picture of the sofa in your dining room (great idea!)

  8. I like your blog. I look forward to seeing it once. Keep up the good job.
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  9. Wow! You scored. Great finds. It was over before I could even log in. Oh well.

    Thanks so much for popping over today. I loved seeing your comments.

  10. That sounds like fun - for people robust enough to stand the suspense. Snakes and Ladders for design freaks!

  11. Liz,
    Not only will you love that orange sofa forever - and I'm sure it will solve your current design delimna. But, boy oh boy, what a tale you have to tell and that will be a conversation piece not only for you, but the generations that follow!!!

    Way to stay in the game!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  12. A sale for the strong of heart and will!! My heart would have stopped several all the things you featured and congratulations on your amazing acquisitions!!!



  13. I got there right at 11 and found that everything was,not surprisingly, already on hold. I did not have the stamina to play the game but it was certainly tempting as everything was GORGEOUS. Lucky you that you scored a few fabulous items - hope you'll show us where they end up!!

  14. Hello,
    I was wondering if you would be so kind as to remove the prices from the OKL sale... as a trades person to another, it's a drag you have them posted here because now that some of the pieces are out on the open market, there's no way we can ever match what OKL sold them for, as the original seller himself admitted they probably sold them for much lower than they should've, it's easy to get caught up in the mass sale PR opportunity, and to sell things too low... OKL is really the one who's cashing out on this kind of thing, not our trades people. Thanks so much.

  15. Hi, I didn't mean to have that post publicly posted, I've tried calling your business all day and nobody answers and there's no link to an email address...!!! No other way to get in touch. Thanks.

  16. I just came across this post, and I had to let you know that we purchased the painted french armoire doors! We ended up designing a master bedroom/bath addition around them, and they are hanging and being used as doors that lead into our new space. It was a stressful morning trying to get those into my shopping cart and buy them, so your post was quite amusing to me!


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