Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TheHigh Point Social Diary/Page Six

High Point was a glitter with the luminaries of the design world, thanks to both the Market Authority and manufacturers like Hickory Chair , Baker, and Century. The High Point Market Authority had wonderful designer guest lectures, in the old Noble's (100 High Street). Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar gave a fantastic discussion on creating buzz with social media. I was late due to posting as usual, but ran into Eddie and Jaithan in the IHFC and had a nice visit.  I always find them incredibly generous, and Jaithan remembered my blog, and sent me a comment, which to any blogger is like a sweet kiss.

We are looking forward to shopping with them in Charlotte during the next Metrolina flea market and you can read a great review of their discussion in High Point in this wonderful post by Life in a Vente Cup. 

The irreverent and often hilarious Vincente Wolfe signs Benji's book. He gave a provocative talk about the process of his work beginning with an extremely detailed questionnaire to the client.  In this discovery process he is able to give the client a highly targeted and more effective presentation of the space in total. Working with the client's existing pieces, and discarding the items that will detract from the total vision, the installation includes every detail from linen to candles. Vincente got a big laugh when he quipped: "I love it when they cry...Its better than sex!" I was fascinated by the raw creativity of this designer, who did not complete high school and has no formal training. Often drawing inspiration from travel and other cultures, he has created a clean aesthetic that is throughly fresh and unique. 

The bloggy girls got together and were sweet enough to include little me. Steve Giannetti took this picture of us and Brooke thoughtfully posted it with links to each of our posts. Lauren Liess from Pure Style Home, Brooke Giannetti from Velvet and Linen, Traci Zeller , Maria Killam from Colour me Happy and I pose to commemorate our fun evening. The virtual world unites us, but the real people behind each post become actual friends. We shattered the fun barrier! 

Look who we picked up at the bar! Yes, friends to my right is Sir Bobby, who I have knighted. The illustrious and non technological Bobby McAlpine was surprised to have a room full of bloggers paying tribute. He has never read a blog, although his partner Greg Tankersley has assured me that he will see that he reads our last post on his remarkable contribution to architecture and influence upon the lives of so many people. If you can imagine listening in on his conversation with Steve Giannetti, Brooke's architect husband, (who is taking the picture), it was heady stuff to say the least. Memorably, Sir Bobby's  (the equivalent of Sir Paul in musical circles) comment on second homes really struck a chord with me. He said that people build their first homes with other people in mind, and then design their second home around how their family interacts and actually lives. People should build all their homes like they were second homes. I liked that. 

This is what Sir Bobby was working on when I walked up to him at the bar. He works completely by hand. How do you draw to scale with no grid, or ruler? I asked him if I could photograph his notes, and he said to be sure to get the martini glass in the picture. 

In case you didn't see our last post, we were thrilled to welcome Bunny Williams BeeLine Home to High Point.  I wish Bunny has been a part of the lecture series, as we are huge fans of her work.

Alexa Hampton is always fun for a bit of banter, and a blast of her wonderful sense of humor, keeps us on our toes. Her elegant line of furniture for Hickory Chair, and her beautiful new book: Alexa Hampton: The Language of Interior Design, will all be collector's items. Benji and I pose with Kathleen McMahan of KM interiors of Charlotte. We are new BFF's. 

We wanted to meet Mary McDonald, as we love her range of work. Her new book is on our wish list, but visit her website and look at her colorful interiors, and masterful use of bold blacks. 

Do you see what I mean? We couldn't see all the fabulous designers and bloggers who come to High Point, but it is our Superbowl! We had to look at furniture. Our website is up and running. That is a good place to see our favorite treasures. More Later! 


  1. What an amazing time you all had - beautiful furniture and design, fascinating people and a bevy of bloggers (not to mention celebrity run-ins)... I agree about E + J's comments, my heart literally skips a beat. Can't wait to meet them in November!

  2. It looks like a great and fascinating time. Is that rusted corrugated metal behind the fireplace in the photo with Bunny Williams?

  3. Love this post, Liz! What a great recap! I am AWED by Bobby's little drawings. How absolutely amazing is that???? I'm totally on board with the "knighting." ;-)

  4. Steve and I had such a wonderful time that evening! It was such a treat getting to meet you. Thank you again for the great guest posts you wrote for my blog. Our trip was a huge success thanks to all of your wonderful tips!
    Looks like you had a great time as well :)

  5. I am so jealeous! Your post looks like a designers dream. I am glad you had such a fantastic time.

    Amy R.

  6. Wow, this is a real who's-who of design & blogging! I feel as if we were there....and I love all the comments from the designers.

  7. Liz:
    Bobby told me you all were wonderful company and that he had a wonderful time. Thanks for fawning all over him.

  8. Long time reader, first time poster ----- keep up these nice posts!

  9. Looks like you are having such a good time It's hard to believe your really working but I do know you are. It's all so beautiful CBJ

  10. next time-if ever- I must hitch to your market wagon. I found little to wax over product wise, though beeline was the highlight, several things there I hope to use.... I stay in Winston at my brother's Marshal St condo. pgt

  11. Wow - what a fantastic and memorable trip for you guys! I was talking with my designer yesterday, and she said that 2 years ago none of the showrooms in High Point would allow any photography. She was amazed at how much things have changed in such a short amount of time - she said that the whole design industry is a different place.

  12. Such a great post, thanks for including me in it! The only photos I ended up getting that night were the ones I posted already (with people in it). Darn. I hate it when that happens!
    Loved meeting you!

  13. Looks like so much fun!!! And informative to boot. I'm with traci zeller - can't even believe Bobby's little cocktail napkin sketch - it is mindboggling! I couldn't even do it with a ruler!! And ever since buying the book, am totally devoted to Mary McDonald - the book is simply amazing! Talk soon!

  14. Be still my heart! There you are with my favorite fellas!!! And then, Vincent, Alexa, the blogger babes.....does it get any better?!

    Liz, you're living well!!!
    ~ Elizabeth

  15. Oh, how could I not mention Bunny too!!!! Truly, you were in designer heaven!!! xoxo E

  16. Bliss! Pure Bliss! So glad you all had fun, and I have been having fun living vicariously through you all, and your posts! I love getting each perspective on dining with Bobby.

    What day are you going to be at Metrolina? I will be there shopping with E&J on Saturday, I am uber excited to say the least. And now I am even more excited I might get to meet you too.

    --Gretchen O.

  17. It's a grand day when you get to meet and connect with inspirational people and share common passions! There is nothing left to say, except I am thrilled for you and all your shining moments you are gathering into your memory basket. I guess that's why they call it "Hight Point!" XO, Kel

  18. Oh wow!!! Thanks for taking us all along with you, this was such a fun read, can only imagine how much fun you actually had at high point!xx

  19. Thanks for sharing, what a great time you had - I love Eddie Ross!!!

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  21. You were certainly in the presence of 'design royalty' and I would of loved to have hidden in your pocket. High Point(as silly as this sounds) would certainly have been a 'high-point' for someone like me. Thank you for sharing the fun with us all.

    Cheers ~
    (sorry for the delete, I should learn to read before clicking!)

  22. Liz .....oh my I am a bit envious, you are with the cream of the crop & some of my favorite blog friends!! What memories to cherish!

    Art by Karena

  23. The connectivity is reason enough for a celebratory dinner!
    What fun to meet one another and share design info, tips, drinks, dinner and make new friends.

  24. your doing great with connecting with bloggers proud of u

  25. hi liz..i am so sorry to hear that you lost your dog. please accept my sympathy... it is such a heartbreak, losing Buddy just about did me in...but teddy has brought so much happiness to us here at farmhouse...he is just a doll...and he is a red toy poodle :-)

    i enjoyed my visit here today with you.
    have a wonderful ocotber sunday

    kary and teddy

  26. So exciting! I kept reading, and I kept gasping! Amazing group there, looks like the most fabulous time! I love reading about your glamorous life! XX!

  27. Liz, I have had
    a BLAST with all
    your posts on the
    Market!!! What a
    dream! Amazing
    things to see, but
    more importantly,
    amazingly talented
    people to meet. I
    bet they were thrilled
    to meet YOU, too!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Lizzie, you
    write with such
    eloquence and your
    comments are always
    a joy to read.

  28. Love this post....what fun it must have been hanging out with all your blogging contemporaries. Thanks for sharing...K

  29. looks like you had a blast. thanks for taking us to a virtual tour of the special event. hope your week is going great...verbena cottage

  30. OMgosh, you got to be with two of my favorite people E&J. What a wonderful day and evening you had, I can only imagine sitting at that table, it must have felt like out of body,thank for sharing such great picts of the event, Kathysue

  31. I have chills...what an amazing experience!!! How did you not faint with all that "star power" surrounding you? Well, you are a star too so maybe that explains it! :)

    Thanks so much for sharing so much!!
    xo J~

  32. loving those rusted metal walls in the back ground of your pics of Bunny. beautiful...

    know you had a fabulous time...


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