Saturday, October 16, 2010

High Point Day 0

High Point actually opens before the published date.  Permanent show rooms have already been buzzing for a couple of days, so we sallied forth to see new vendors and venues. The Hamilton district is completely rearranged with the new Hickory Chair relocation, which is a good thing since we got slightly lost, but bumped into...

Bunny Williams, new BeeLine Homes space.  We were welcomed with her Charlottesville, Virginia  charm, while she multi-tasked between clients, show room fluffs, and posing for a picture with Liz and Viive (pronounced Viva), for Dovecote Decor. I can only say, High Point is thrilled to welcome BeeLine Homes. I will say, nobody has more beautiful upholstery.  God is in the details. 

It is a treat for High Point to have Bunny and BeeLine Homes. The next grand addition, is the new Antique and Design Center at 229 Russell Avenue. There are 55, one of a kind exhibitors, with 37 shops completely new to High Point. 

A spectacular 17th century chandelier has migrated from a wonderful palazzo, finding its way to Karen Luisana's, brain child design center. Tonight was opening night, and we were dazzled. This chandelier is the exuberant, joie-de-vivre piece, dialed down to a single theme--crystals. It dances, yet stays on point. 

Marquetry and inlay are a huge trend, but this dresser to the left is unique. The design is hand cut lemon wood, inlaid in walnut, from Damascus, Syria. It is one of a kind. Think about the perfect repetitive hand cuts of the design motif on the drawers.  

High Point can be a disaster, it can be weird, but then again, it can take my breath away,  uplifting my soul with the hand of the artisan. More tomorrow!


  1. So wish we were down there with you to soak in some divine design and loveliness! Hope you will be posting more about your adventure. Happy weekend!

  2. Looks great - and of course love Bee Line. The chandelier is dazzling. Have a great time! Look forward to you reports.

  3. Lovely highlights... I especially love the marquetry and inlaid pieces. The remind me of my Lebanese heritage. I have fond memories of seeing of few of this pieces in my Grandmother's home :)
    Thanks for taking us along with you!

  4. What a great way to start the adventure! Photo op with icon, not bad!!

    I'm staying tuned in :)

  5. Bunny and the great, can't wait to see more, thanks for keeping us all in the loop!

  6. After a perfect day antiquing in Hudson NY, I thought I had seen enough to keep me happy for a while BUT that chandelier is beyond glorious! oh my heart....


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