Friday, June 25, 2010

Our first brides bouquet!!

My friend's 73 year old Mother was planning her wedding for October. Her 80 year old fiance was naturally impatient, and an impromptu visit to the city hall, was a delightful solution. Knowing my garden is loaded with hydrangeas, the bride's favorite flower, she asked me to pick a few that would make an easy little bouquet. We knew we could do better than that!

With white and blue hydrangeas as the foundation for the bouquet, I wanted to mix in some complementary shapes and textures. If Kate Hepburn carried calla lillies on her wedding day, in a movie, I think everybody should. Cottage flowers recall charming gardens, lovingly tended over time, old fashioned values, rewarded with splashes of light, color and tantalizing fragrance.  A wedding is a day.  A marriage is, hopefully, a work of art in progress--a cultivation. Even if you are going to city hall at the age of 73 and 80, your day should reflect your chosen path. Flowers and gardens have always been highly symbolic. 

Lace cap hydrangeas produced a wonderful cascading effect.  


The white roses added a touch of elegance and love reflecting the occasion, not to mention our bride. The stock in the end, pulled the entire composition together, adding a soft peach hue and more dimension. The unopened buds lend an airy balance to the compactness of the hydrangea.

Happy Wedding Day!

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