Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back to the Future

About 15 minutes north of Winston-Salem,  lies the sleepy little town of Bethania, the only remaining independent, continuously active Moravian village in the southern United States.  Founded in 1759, it is the only known existing Germanic-type Linear Agricultural village in the South.  Houses are organized along The Old Plank Road, now Main Street closely situated to one another, with long deep gardens in the rear, enough for an orchard, vegetables and livestock.

Our friend, I will affectionately call Gypsy, has highly eclectic interests. A spectacular collection of antique furniture and textiles, flows seamlessly with Art Deco,  women's World War II recruitment posters, Haitian primitive landscapes and various pop art objects.  The house is a study in Pop Art: "Pop removes the material from its context and isolates the object, or combines it with other objects, for contemplation.[1][2]"  

Warm, primary colors dominate this house, as mid century upholstery,  emphasized with a bright yellow fabric trim, socialize comfortably with an early American Antique day bed and contemporary modern prints. 

Old homes still need modern kitchens and bathrooms! This kitchen was converted from an enclosed porch. The former exterior log walls support Gypsy's extensive collection of family portraits. The juxtaposition of a shiny modern steel refrigerator, with antiques, and photography makes the wonderful Haitian primitive landscape pop. 

A laundry/mud room convenient to the kitchen and downstairs master bedroom, is a luxury for an 1840's house.  It holds excess china and vases as well and triples up as a flower room.  Placing prints over the washing machine and dryer transform the space from simple utility into a pleasant room. 

The second floor houses our friend's extensive collection of books, two guest rooms and a wonderful modern bath. A keyword internet search landed this cool mid-century, Art Deco grouping. The bright red, new shelving creates continuity with the downstairs, with a fresh dimension. 

A contemporary soaking tub, surrounded by fresh modern mosaic tiles animates the simple lines of the chair and old fashioned charm of the tole tray. 

What could make a guest happier than a comfortable bed, an extensive library and a long hot bath?  

Up in the rafters,  our hostess has created a well organized home office and a comfortable television viewing area.  A lover of  pop culture literally, Gypsy displays her soda bottle collection, which is rivaled only by my daughter's soda cap collection.  They are a couple of quirky kindred souls. 

Stepping into the deep, characteristic garden to the rear, we'll take you on a quick stroll through Bethania. 

Stunning Moravian stonework and a lovingly tended garden

Shady front porches create a sidewalk social life for residents

A weathered urn sits decoratively at the edge of a lawn

Last but not least....A Dovecote!!


  1. love this lil place and wow what a house love the tiling in the bathroom

  2. That bed is really beautiful, what a great antique!

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