Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fashion and Decor Embrace The Divine Feminine!

After the cruelest winter to wit, we are all looking for a mood elevator to leap into Spring. Fashion and Decor decant from the same cultural elixirs. What we are seeing is the resurgence of color, florals, embroidery and I will add the "L" word--luxury.  In the interior design world floral chintzes are emerging with bold graphics and Indian paisleys. Rich hand embroidered silks are expanding their real estate section in the racks of the textile showrooms.

 Alexander McQueen at Saks on Worth Avenue

Sumptuous hand embroidered draperies from Designers Guild. Yes, I want to wear it!

 Frida Giannini, as Gucci's  creative director (successor to Tom Ford) shifted the  emphasis from typography and initials to iconic patterns from their extensive library of pattern and design. While this new style got the thumbs down from the fashion critics, consumers snapped up these Gucci heritage inspired bags. 

Mariette Himes Gomez at Hickory Chair treated us to a pleasant return to the classic Lee Jofa Althea print, smartly mixing in a relaxed check with a humble mattress ticking, balancing a fresh traditional aesthetic. I hail from the days when we started a room with a floral chintz and the room came together exactly like this. I'm all in for the bit of sunlight to the look I love. 
Then, for October market, Alexa Hampton takes it to another level. 

Alexa stirs up a delicious cocktail of a room incorporating graphic plums, warm green velvets, John Robshaw and Muriel Brandolini Indian patterns with the Cowtan and Tout floral chintz as the fulcrum for the room scheme. 

Alexa Hampton gave us a finger wagging style lesson in her Hickory Chair space last October. It was a brilliant idea to work with a floral chintz to show young people, who might never have considered using this traditional stand-by. We are back to the future of florals in fashion and interior design. Bring on the Spring!! 
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  2. Worth Ave, a name from my past. Love the black dress.
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