Monday, February 10, 2014

Modern History: Antiques, Reproductions, Fine Art

High Point Market starts early this year (April 5-10) and it is time to start researching and planning your trip. A great way to incrementally jumpstart this process is to use High Point Market's: My Planning Tool.  Modern History is a favorite destination for our coterie, and our proximity to High Point makes it a year round reconnoiter. It should be a day 1 stop on your tour. We love to snoop through the warehouse before market to see the treasure that flows from the containers and to cherry pick Modern History's extensive line of fine art by registered artists, not to mention their Paris Flea Market finds!

Antique architectural columns are great solutions for empty corners and this chic Parisian light fixture will enlarge the vocabulary of your possessions and articulate the continuity and style we want our homes to portray. 

As the founder and CEO of Modern History, Michael Beaver translates these finds into meticulous reproductions. Veranda Magazine highlighted Modern History as one of the 12 most venerable furniture design companies and we completely agree as we return to the showroom off-season to learn what he has gleaned from his latest travels.

Growing up in a furniture manufacturing family, Michael has quality, proportion and infallible taste embedded within his DNA.  He is a generous and thoughtful man to interview with an encyclopedic knowledge of art, antiques, name it. The best designers have traveled, sifted and constantly explore the world of decorative arts honing their skills. The marriage made in heaven is that Michael Beaver knows how to execute his vision with uncompromising accuracy.

I cannot say how much I enjoy the breadth of this line as we wend our way from the showroom to the antique space where the foundations are revealed.

This fine hand painted Italian chest gets its make-over in Vietnam, which is where many of the high-end case goods vendors turn for fine painting, finishing, hand carving, gilding and construction. Traditional lost wax techniques are employed to recreate the authentic hardware completing a piece that shines with integrity. There are subtle nuances to finish and Michael's experience helps him strike just the right chord. Additionally, I find the prices at Modern History to be excellent and even surprising. This is a great resource to share with your design loving friends before market, so give them a tweet....a Like...a pin... to spread the word.  Modern History is located on 430 N. Wrenn Street in High Point and for your day one destination it is good to combine this stop with some of the other vendors  in that neighborhood who have one of a kind items for cash and carry like Halo styles.

If you would like to buy beautiful Modern History Pieces
or arrange a tour of their showroom during market
contact us at Dovecote Decor


  1. Looks great, I like venerable furniture design companies.Thanks for sharing this information. I gained quite a lot of knowledge after reading your blog thank you.The Perfect Solution For Your Child’s Bedroom

    when this chicago girl heads to atlanta/scotts i have a ton of warehouses i go to. highpoint, not a one and modern history is a favorite. i will definitely be there, if we pass each other, i will be the one with the huge grin!

  3. I have always loved Veranda, I stopped buying Architectural Digest, because every other page was advertising. Television is off my list because of commercials. This line of furniture is beautiful.


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