Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Meeting Great Designers at High Point October 2013 Market

High Point has more crackle when Rizzoli brings in their stable of top talent interior designers. It's a thrill actually to run into them at multiple showrooms and chat them up during the slower moments. Interior Design celebs have a great deal in common 99% of the time. What I enjoy the most is their active mental engagement. A common first sentence is: "I've been thinking more about xyz this year and how......" Lillian August was thinking about iconic women designers. Alexa Hampton was teaching younger women how to sizzle up intergenerational possessions and my new favorite fellow is the esteemed William Yeoward designs for the Jonathan Charles collection.

I always thought of William Yeoward as a crystal designer, and since--sorry WY I'm not a big one for crystal--I sort of missed the big picture. Silly me!! Like my friend, Hutton Wilkinson, William is encyclopedic in his knowledge of interior decoration at all levels. Drawing on this vast visual storehouse of history, Yeoward created his furniture line aligned to his design mantra: "When you buy something for your home, it is essential that the piece will give you continued pleasure, not just immediate gratification followed by years of disappointment." Believe him, like the slow-food movement, slow design makes for a better outcome. The Ataross console is classic gothic architecture kicked up to the millennium with a gray finish to break up all the mahogany finishes, although it comes in a classic brown Oak finish if you've overdone the griege.

While I am in "sitting pose," aching as I take this photo, I am as T.S. Eliot would describe: "In a still point of the turning world." There is so much grace, proportion and history flying at me I feel that I am being scrubbed clean from the horrors of tract mansions of the 80's and early 90's and the flour sack, burlap onslaught. Note his signature polka dot motif smartly dressing the sides and backs of his upholstered dining chairs.

Architectural and balanced, the Alnwick Bureau sports a flirty exaggerated cornice mixing a bit of muscle with pretty tones of cream and blue. Witness strength and beauty--an olympian on the cover of the furniture consumer's fantasy cereal box.  William Yeoward reminded us: "Beautiful things are always beautiful, it's perception that changes." He is so articulate and funny I recommend his book.

I know...I know...I know this is a quirky piece that requires some daring but..... I keep coming back to it as I review my market photos. All of us carry within us the image and memory of a beloved house, and Yeoward's  Daphne Cupboard is reproduced from a distant relative's possession. It evokes an Auntie Mame dramatic moment. Somebody grabbed a garden folly and brought it inside. You have got to love the Brits for their hubris and aristocratic confidence.

I love the detail of the hand carved traditional English fox on Yeoward's Godwyn console. The signature gray polkadot lining will be an identifying marker for generations to come. My other new design crush was Timothy Corrigan. He was delightful to chat with and honestly his restoration of the 18th century Chateau du Grand-Luce is the epic restoration of the century. It is the only chateau in France to escape the ravages of the French Revolution due to the loyalty of the towns people for the Baroness who housed and rebuilt the village after being burned. We will have more later on the vast topic of the 45,000 square foot chateau, but I will say Timothy Corrigan is as relaxed and elegant as his decorating style. Thanks Currey and company for having TC in the showroom! We always enjoy the Currey family hospitality!

We share a love of Belgian Shoes!

Timothy gets the men's sans the bows FYI
This book is a must!!

More Later.....

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  1. Liz---I so enjoyed meeting you at High Point and love your passion and energy for good design. Thank you for your kind words on my new book about my chateau in France--the entire place is my love child, so like any proud parent i love hearing nice things being said about it! Merci, Merci. Love your blog….keep up the beautiful work! xo tc

  2. Bummed that I missed you! I loved my chat with William Yeoward!

  3. Everything is sooo beautiful and I too am a big fan of Timothy Corrigan. William is a fascinating man!

  4. Dear Liz
    Thank you so much for sharing..the Yeoward console is fabulous, what detail! I must add both of these books, as I am also intrigued by Timothy's restoration of his Chateau.

    The Arts by Karena

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