Tuesday, October 8, 2013

High Point Market at Hickory Chair with Alexa Hampton

We have been saving the highlights from last April market to get everyone geared up for October! Watch our video of the always inspirational Hickory Chair space and listen to Alexa Hampton's take on the importance of scale in furniture selection.  We are touring with Pat Bassett who has taught me every thing I've ever needed to know about shopping High Point. 

With furniture market beginning on October 18th 
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  1. Liz....I truly enjoyed your tour of the Hickory Chair showroom and especially Alexa Hampton's sound bytes! I invited Alexa to Winston Salem many years ago for a lecture luncheon and had the privilege of spending time with her for a few days. She is absolutely delightful. I love her wit. Thanks for the time you spent capturing the moment. Best wishes for a great market~ Allison

  2. Hey Liz. Was that you holding the microphone? Interesting, the talk of scale and proportion, which is something I'm pondering. It's hard when your furniture is sunning itself on a boat somewhere in the Suez Canal, to know how to scale against it! Maybe I'll go with Abigail Ahern and play with different scales (or maybe I won't).

  3. Liz this was a fun and very interesting tour. I love Hickory chair and their great designers.
    You might like my review on Suzanne Kasler's book "Timeless Style"

    Art by Karena

  4. Very interesting, great information here. I am thinking of also visiting the BRABBU stand, from what I've seen they have really amazing stuff! Did you have the chance to check it?

  5. I enjoyed the video very much.Thanks for sharing wonderful video.

  6. Very nice video.Thanks a lot to share.

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