Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Highlighting Madcap Cottage from the Junior League of Greensboro Showhouse and also one of Luther Lashmit's Winston-Salem Homes

John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon of Madcap Cottage did one of the most delightful rooms at Adamsleigh, the Traditional Home / Junior League of Greensboro Showhouse by architect Luther Lashmit

via Madcap Cottage's blog: Demystifying Design
John explained how they used the original turquoise color of the breakfast room and paired it with this bold Thibaut wall paper which creates a cottagey comfort vibe that threads throughout their design portfolio. While it seems counter-intuitive to use a large scale paper in a small room. It actually makes the room feel bigger. 

via Traditional Home
I am counting at least 6 different patterns in this room alone creating the harmonious collected layered effect of a room that has grown generationally. 

The designers encourage clients to use their homes as a form of self expression. A home with no personality in evidence is telling in itself and who wants to telegraph the message: "boring!" John and Jason encourage their clients to push the envelope and be willing to have fun with their environment. They are inspired by the work of Dorothy Draper, Nancy Lancaster, and Rose Cummings to name a few. 

This curio piece on the left is a natural selection for them as it is from the iconic Kindel Furniture Dorothy Draper collection. Again, this aesthetic has a distinct chinoiserie melody that we are seeing so much of this market. This pair of Currey and Company Chinese ginger jar style lamps continues this brush stroke throughout the canvas of the room.

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for creating fun, eclectic rooms with sizzle, personality and comfort.  Since architect Luther Lashmit was a local architect for us in Winston Salem, we thought you might enjoy a glimpse of a more approachable Lashmit creation, for sale right here in Winston-Salem. 

 Luther Lashmit built several model homes at the inception of the Buena Vista subdivision in 1926. Deceptive in size from curb side, this house has been tastefully expanded over the years to accommodate modern sensibilities such as family kitchen spaces, luxurious master bedrooms, baths and dressing areas. You've got the best of both worlds, with generous moldings, arched door ways and architectural flourishes that add character and integrity to the home.

Architectural ovolo molding throughout the house combined with Lashmit's signature octagonal windows and unique hardware lend a dignified character to the non-palatial projects he completed throughout his career.

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  1. Can't wait to see more. My husband is a VMI graduate and I'm one from Mary Washington. We love Virginia! I love what you have shown us, just inspirational, changing this small space into something modern but keeping all the charm.

  2. Oh goodness, love this, Liz! So much character and so comfortable. I lvoe the drawing too.

  3. Liz I adore the room by John and Jason!
    The tables are wonderfully unique!
    Email me when you have a chance...

    Art by Karena

  4. LOVE that room! Is Instagram the next thing? I'm not on that band wagon yet! What do I give up to try it, because I dont have enough time as is!!!

  5. What a beautifully composed room! Excellent light effects in the kitchen and everywhere in the room. And I always love picture walls.

  6. This house has been tastefully expanded over the years to accommodate modern sensibilities such as family kitchen spaces, luxurious master bedrooms, baths and dressing areas.

  7. Your article is very interesting Beautifull photos and great blog to read thank you

  8. From my own experience designing my home, I found that this measurement guide was actually extremely helpful: Trying to get everything to fit is like a puzzle…this prevented me from just “sticking things anywhere”, resulting in a beautiful, well thought out space.

  9. This is a fantastic looking end result for the room. Often when many different layers are used in part of a room, the layers compete with each other which is why I am scared of overdoing a room. In this room the layers really blend together well. I really like the ovolo molding.

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  10. That bathroom is amazing. I love how open it is. I really love what has been done to the place. It is a complete transformation. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  11. Love the large wallpaper print in the first photos...I would never expect it to work in a room of that size, but you're right, it actually helps the room to appear more spacious.

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