Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Castles in the Sky: Penthouse Views

Yes, there really are houses and even castles in the sky. While the sidewalks are filled with snow in New York, imagine being high above the noise and the drifts. If designers and design bloggers have a common denominator, it is one of optimism. We never stop dreaming and seeing grand images that we can apply to our homes and projects. If something is beautiful, we want to revel in it, reduce it, reproduce it or at least share it with a friend. And yes, I would really love a swimming pool in the sky.

It would have both water and city views. If the wind gets blowing, then maybe a little surf. 

This was a $22 million dollar Tribeca property from Douglas Elliman, that I am relieved to report is both sold and closed. I admit to owning a kindle, but only because I am out of space for books. This library in the same house would do nicely.

As you know, I live in Winston Salem, North Carolina and love my garden so, if I ever join my children in New York City,  I also need a garden. 

We are in Chelsea with water/city views and this closed listing from Sotheby's was $4,495,000.00. As far as my optimistic girl thinking, lottery winning brain is concerned, I am now saving money. If time is money, this is actually, me. 

Right, so... as an expression of my admiration for the analog or analogous situation, I could consider this $19 million Brooklyn penthouse marked down considerably from $25 million--saving again! As I have said before, obsolescence is hot, but the endless reminder is a consideration. 

I found a great deal in mid-town. Green Goblin's aery is up for grabs for $1,595,000.00. It has definite possibilities. 

While we have only one bedroom, 18 foot ceilings over a 19 foot room lead me to believe, there is room for another large bedroom, bath and closet.

If you look carefully at the view you can see the top of the Chrysler Building which would be spectacular lit up at night.

Out of curiosity, I decided to check my own back yard for penthouse offerings. We actually have several! Katy Fisher of Prudential Carolinas Realty is listing One Park Vista for $1,050,000.00.
I like the large private terrace with a view of the historic Reynolds Building which you may notice is the prototype of the Empire State Building, built by Architectural firm Shreve and Lamb in 1929. The apartment is two stories with 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, plenty of closet space and is a roomy 3,246 square feet. 

If you don't want to use the stairs, a private elevator comes in handy for the grocery shopping.

Great floor to ceiling arched windows bring in plenty of streaming sunlight. 

The claustrophobic types will love the feeling of a window in this oversized shower. 
 More Later!! 
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  1. You've got my toes itching Liz. They need so little encouragement! Actually my fingers too - to do a bit of house stalking of my own.

  2. Well, you definitely have me dreaming now! I also love he gardens.
    When I win the lottery, I will call you for referrals and some furniture. Until them, I will dream about a beautiful home like these.
    Have a nice weekend, Liz.

  3. Beautifully designed house, I like swimming pool in front of the house and beautiful furniture in the living room and a large space gives a great effect. I really like the furniture in the house, and peace within one case as you can see in the pictures is a lot of windows that provide plenty of natural light. great house

  4. I think words are not enough to describe the beauty of this house. I really loved the house with the view of Chrysler building, the swimming pool makes it even more elegance to the house. A treat for the eyes :)


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