Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Empress of the Eye Selects her Favorite Design Finds in Dovecote Decor's Online Store

What a happy little Holiday surprise we had at Dovecote Decor, when we discovered Jane Schott, from Empress of the Eye had written a comprehensive post on our online store. We are so flattered and grateful for her thorough research and the time she spent sifting through over 1,400 SKUs.to find her favorites.

We know what our clients buy, but it is fun to see what The Empress distills from our years of shopping. Jane and I have shopped the Dixie Highway together and had the time of our lives, or at least mine. Here is a little tickler from Jane's line.

The operative words here are: "Out of the box--with taste." Jane was inspired to create this pillow from a book jacket, marrying typeset, graphic pattern and message. Her designs are limited editions, and you never know what Jane will do next.
Click Here
To see Jane's faves! 
Click Here
To follow us shopping down the Dixie Highway!
More Later!!


  1. Have a wonderful holiday season my lovely friends at Dovecote Decor.

  2. Liz I adore Jane as well as her style with fabulous pillows! The feature she posted on your shop is fabulous!

    Love and Hugs
    Art by Karena
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