Wednesday, October 31, 2012

High Point Market October 2012 Report

We had some technical issues last week which sent our High Point report back a bit. Also, we are dealing with Google shopping's major paradigm shift. For those of you with shopping carts attached to your web site,  Google no longer accepts product feeds for free. In other words, there is no such thing as a purely organic search on Google shopping. It is 100% pay to play. Think about it when you are shopping. With that out of the way, we can talk about design directions at the High Point Market. Most bloggers have remarked about the re-emergence of color. I could do an entire post on orange. My favorite color is all over the showrooms, much to my delight.

This vignette at Century says it all.  Complementary oranges and blues are combined with the chic midcentury exploded graphic, seasoned subtly with Asian references. We are seeing way more outdoor furniture, lighting and accessories creeping their way into interiors, which I think is the smart new take on eclectic design strategies. This Richard Frinier group is singing arias to me lately. A client and I stalked for years seeking the perfect scale, design and tone for her new terrace . We bought this line on the spot and it looks amazing with a tortoise shell finish. While Century furniture is not inexpensive, I think the price is a value for generational furniture.

My client's chickens loved it too! They have since been banished to the country. 

I digress to share an irresistible chicken snuggle moment. 

The way vendors are showing pendants grouped together has an alfresco feel to me. Lighting is hard to photograph so bear with me. 

Mason Globe Pendants in hand blown glass

I would say, as simple as this arrangement is, this was my favorite casual lighting vignette. It brings a romantic summer candlelit glow indoors. The industrial filament light bulbs remind me of fireflies. 

Barn lights in varied shapes, again take the place of a large piece. 

Moroccan lanterns reflect an exotic garden glow in this transitional space. Travel and exotic plunder elements have been design stand-by's as long as time. It will always be a stylish dimension in any setting.

In accessories, obsolescence as a collectible concept  is picking up speed. Nostalgia for the mechanical and non digital continues to populate the edgier showrooms. Repurposing has been in vogue for a good twenty years, but its been expanding exponentially for at least the last 5 years in High Point. Let's face it, junk eventually converts to treasure and the operative word is--collectible. Keep your old records and turntables if you are old enough to have them. 

 George Baylor, Noir Furniture owner, designer and showroom stylist drives this trend home.  

All of this is making me feel like a fossil. Here is a fun hotel spoon chandelier we put in a client's pantry last October. I first saw this concept  at Francine Gardner's stunning New York space, Interieurs. Jose Estevez's energetic creativity has filtered into the U.S. market. His brocante (flea market) line is the real deal. Here is the Cake Vintage interpretation. 

Four Hands
We noticed that our main clientele for the rough flea market look are men. There are exceptions, but these showrooms have a lofty, masculine focus, which begs the question of decorating for Mars and Venus. 

Cleaned up industrial and mid-century are more to my liking

Wesley Hall had the best x-stools--ever. Gray and orange continue to crop up in the showrooms.
We have lots more photos, so...
More Later!!

Here is my Halloween Pinterest contribution!!

When entertaining on Halloween, be sure to wear a lot of makeup!
I was a big fan of the Klutz Press makeup kits.

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  1. Thank you for including Wesley Hall in your Market report, Liz! Great post!

  2. Liz, there are so many great picks here. I love anything Jose Esteves creates! The X Stools are meticulous!
    Can't wait to see more!

    2012 Artists Series

  3. I'm glad you're hearing arias and seeing fireflies Liz. It seems you had a poetic visit. And me, I'm liking everything you've selected. A chandelier made of spoons in a pantry? What lovely whimsy. Come and do my pantry!

  4. First, dear Liz, the Halloween image has me rolling! This is great!
    You have so much gorgeousness here, and I too feel like a fossil. I miss my typewriter, by the way, but I don't remember having a camera like these beauties.
    The orange coffee table and the gorgeous grouping of pendants are stunning, and thank you for sharing them.
    As always, you find the best in everything.
    Happy Thursday.

  5. an expansive report to those of us who could not attend. your photo's combined with your writing, begs for more


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