Friday, September 28, 2012

A Soaring 60's Wedding

One of my favorite girls in the whole world was married on Saturday in splendid 60's style. Set behind a restored log cabin on the property Beatles tunes floated through the air in classical strains.  We were feeling the love. As the bridesmaids emerged barefoot (some pregnant) with lacy short Mexican dresses, we were reminded of the bride's wonderful grandmother, who embraced the 60's with the exuberance of teenager. I know Anna was smiling.

Our very own "Pretty Woman."

The wedding ceremony was magical, as a breeze rustled the trees and hushed for a blessing. A Blue Jay flitted over the radiant bride and groom.

After the ceremony, we blew bubbles that hovered and surrounded the new Mr. and Mrs. R., like a thousand kisses and wishes.

                     The bride's sister skipped down the aisle because...that is what she is like.

                          After the ceremony we gathered by the pool for champagne and tid bits.

Randy McManus created the beautiful swan the topiaries with fluffy orchid tails and gerbera daisies floated in the Tommy Church quatrefoil pool. 

Randy McManus of Randy McManus Designs, Inc. and Joe Curran of 1703 Restaurant in Winston Salem collaborated with the bride and her Mother to set a scene that perfectly telegraphs their joie de vivre. The glorious tents are from Premier Special Event Services.  

 "Ghost" chairs echo the clear tent, while the simple clean linens let the flowers and exquisite place settings take front stage. 

The chartreuse pillows at the best friends' table and the sweets tables were the perfect counterpoint to the orange and pink flowers, grounding the lightness of the surroundings. The china came from Panache Party Rentals.

Joe Curran and Randy McManus used 8 different rental companies from around the country to assemble this remarkable soiree.

 Big Swing and the Ball Room Blasters have performed and recorded with the musical legends of our era. Their repertoire includes the big band classics, Motown, soul, rock, and pop. The highlight for me was their version of Secret Agent Man, celebrating the bride's father who was a Secret Service agent starting with a young John Kennedy continuing through Nancy Regan. He's got some great stories--trust me all complimentary. We can't get any dirt out of him.

              Notice the fresh slices of orange floating in each glass and that every table has a different arrangement. 

Chartreuse orchids are captured in glass. The variations in heights on the tables added terrific dimension to the scene and keep the guests wending their way through a yellow brick road of color.  

I thought the use of cascading bougainvillea was stunning. Randy warned me that if you are planning to use bougainvillea in North Carolina, you must buy a ton of it to make sure you're not caught while it is napping. It will take a spontaneous bloom break, so they babied baskets of it throughout the summer. The thorns are another issue!

How chic are these night club bars? I feel like I died and went to Beverly Hills.

Some of the furniture came from the bride's grandmother's collection from the 1960's still residing in the pool house. I'm telling you, these people are fun. I am also telling you there are lessons in keeping the things you love and not bowing to fashion. It always comes back--it is way back! The disco ball still swirls there and later we'll take you to the after party.

           One of the well mannered flower girls eyeing the sweets. Honestly, she did not dive in.

After the dancing, the stalwart revelers repaired to the disco (pool house) for Krispy Kreme and for some-- a dip. We have some wet silk dresses dripping from hangers, but I guess I should be relieved.

Black lights are still making teeth whiter at Mr. and Mrs. K.'s 

Talkin about my generation!!
More Later!
Thank You Mr. and Mrs. K.
and Mrs. R.
for the best party ever!!


  1. Liz this is such a treat!! I loved every single image; a very good looking couple. Under the tent magic occurs. The ghost chairs allow the tables and the settings, glorious centerpieces to be special features, not too fussy!

    Thank you so much for sharing these memorable pics!

    Art by Karena

  2. Thank you for sharing this fun and beautiful wedding, Liz. Can it get any better than the 60's? I think not. Beautiful bride and I love that her sister skipped. I really would like to have the quatrefoil pool for myself too.
    Happy Friday.

  3. Oh I love all that pink and orange...glorious!

  4. What a beautiful wedding reception! I love it all..the colors are great and so happy! Love the pool setting, looks like such a joy filled occasion where everyone enjoyed themselves..beautiful bride!

  5. oh how I love weddings...our June 30 groom had the exact outfit..sweet memories!

  6. What a fabulous affair! And the bride looks radiant - most important element of it all!! You can imagine how much I love all the orange :-)

  7. An amazing "un-pompous " wedding. The colors, flower arrangements, the tent...all so cheery, beautiful, fun and perfect. you must have had a grand time!

  8. This looks like an amazing event...I love that it's fun and festive but totally appropriate to the couple....keepin' it it~ all best to the Bride & Groom!

  9. so soothing to see the photos and read the story of this wonderful event


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