Saturday, July 28, 2012

Farm Stand to Table Entertaining

While we were dying to see how the Old Salem Cobblestone Market was voted #11 in the country after only 8 weeks of operation, we were on a mission. On Monday evening we were entertaining my friend's guests from France along with a few other friends. What do you feed the French? Mexican of course, so we purchased as many of the ingredients as we could from the producers only market, filling in with avocados, tortillas and some Americana for dessert.

In honor of the French I used sunflowers. I love the French word  "tournesol," which means turning to the sun, it has such a beautiful and spiritual connotation. Sunflowers are notoriously difficult to arrange, but I took a tip from Mrs. R.'s Thanksgiving table and arranged them individually in bowls and in my collection of Mottahedeh tulip vases.

I made chicken enchiladas in two versions. Enchiladas verdes with fresh tomatillo sauce and enchiladas con queso. Using a variety of farmers market chicken thighs, corn, chiles, and of course heirloom tomatoes, I kicked up the basic recipe I use from Cooks Illustrated. May I add, Cooks Illustrated is the best place to begin for the perfect concoction. I also use Epicurious extensively and keep my recipe files there that I share with my brother and daughters so we  can combine our tours de force.

I hope you are not sick of my antipasto platters, but it is the joy of summer for me. I live for the heirloom tomatoes, braised skinny asparagus, cucumbers, avocados, fresh basil and my secret favorite dressing--Le Martinique Blue Cheese Vinaigrette. As my readers know, I love to have parties with the children. This crowd was a pleasure to have as they were adorable and quite happy to join in with the adults.

The middle child's t-shirt says: 
I' Am 
The Best

I was very happy to have done all the dishes the night before, so I rewarded my self with my favorite summer breakfast!

Goat Lady Basil and Garlic Goat Cheese Spread
Heirloom tomato 
Fresh Basil/Salt/Pepper
Poached Egg

You can also melt a piece to cheese over it under the broiler if you like

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  1. What truly stunning dishes! I have a Haas avocado I bought at market that just ripened. Now I know what to do with it.

    Love the turquoise bar cart too.

  2. WOW! Liz you are an entertaining goddess. Last day at the shop today...planning to head out sometime in the middle of next
    week. What does your social calendar look like?

  3. Liz your presentation is impeccable. I adore chicken enchiladas. The recipe I use if from The Pink Adobe in Santa Fe!

    So excited Jane is coming to visit!!

    Just home from Rehab yesterday. I hope you received my email!

    I think you will like my Giveaway from Royal Design Stencils..

    Art by Karena

  4. Looks like you had a great time and managed it with style! And your menu was to die for...

  5. That was the chicest party in the entire world!

    No question!

    ps I had lunch with the new headmistress of Mayfield.....and in September "Mother Liz" is coming back to Mayfield ! I said I wanted to participate! I am going to Pasadena! Any way you might come to our coast? Then you could up just an hour and a half! And come to our house in Santa Barbara! we have a teeny guest house here.......sleeps 3 (at this very moment)

    Just so you know!


  6. You do treat your guests well! And good for you to treat yourself so well the next morning - a job well done!

  7. Oh my...all of this looks delicious!!!

  8. it looks delicious and delightful!

  9. Liz-
    The table and the food look amazing. Mexican was a good choice and I am happy to see how you displayed the sunflowers.
    Cooks Illustrated is the best ever! I so agree with you.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Tuesday.

  10. Looks amazing Liz. You will receive an invite to my farm to table coming up in a few weeks. Guess you will not be on this coast but you will be with us in spirit. It's going to be a bash!

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