Sunday, February 5, 2012

The New York International Gift Show

We went to the NYIGF show last week at the Chelsea Piers and Javitt's Center. Natural forms, materials, surfaces and finishes, while traditional are a resurgent motif the Dovecote coterie applauds. We went for four straight days, and with 6 pairs of eyes scouring the stalls, we have plenty to share. The macro concept behind this year's offerings is authenticity and the continuing return to traditional scale and color. Imported Middle Eastern patterns and colors are still popular, nudging out the cold edgy recession griege that has dominated. Remaining neutrals persist as enduring classics. Urban chic,  rat pack, mid-century glamour and exuberant color continue to evolve and morph.

Stone, agate, marble and geodes were everywhere at Scott's and the Atlanta market and New York was no exception. This classic footed bowl, worthy of a Keatsian ode, literally glows.

Design trends reflect social, economic and political leanings and reactions. The emphasis on natural forms and semi-precious materials is a reaction to the mass market global manufacturing over the last three decades. Character, and the completely unique infuse current design direction. 

Solid jade, and rough hewn, this table evokes permanence, and ancient traditions. It is the perfect antidote to the volatile portfolio and sinking dollar.  Designers are integrating intrinsic value into functional and decorative pieces. Smoke and mirrors are out. Buyers want real things these days.

Crystals and minerals go vertical, and are mounted as Nature's work of art. 

Fabulous Finials

Ancient and patient, crystals can take thousands of years to grow, bestowing an eternal and serene quality to the surrounding space. 

Flowers are perpetual in decoration, and I have purchased these artisan crafted tole florals for years. Tommy Mitchell's are the best. More is more in my book. 

Antique prints take a modern twist on decoupage lamps and look completely fresh on Susan Carson's punchy new fabric line. 

Christopher Marley sums up the thread of current design with this statement: "My chief objective in working with obscure organisms is to foster a deeper appreciation of the masterful design found everywhere in the natural world." Indigenous tribes are able to preserve their lands and ecosystems, through the collection and selling of their abundant insect populations. We think they are glorious!

Mrs. R. and I snatched up these water buffalo horn frames, in a NY minute. Iridescent and completely unique, horn has been a traditional material for utensils and decor and is re-emerging on the scene with a vengeance. 

Beautiful things are happening in metal craft, as ingenious combinations of ceramic, horn and wood are revived. Hunting lodge comfort and appeal is evoked by these beautiful, informal yet very handsome table top accessories. 

Formerly clunky pewter is worked into delicate natural designs. 

Octopus candelabras ate truly original, and easy to clean.

Shell motifs and designs,  a fixed staple of beach decor, assume new expressions every market. 

More Later!! 
We have plenty of new product to be added to our online store, so feel free to call us if you see anything you would like to purchase! 


  1. Liz you found so many fabulous items at market. I love the natural elements, truly all of it. The horn frames and new looks with pewter are amazing.That first bowl....oh my!

    Art by Karena

  2. Can't wait to see the rest. Such beautiful pieces, and you were able to spotlight something that hasn't been shown!
    Thank you for sharing. Have a nice MOnday.

  3. Great picks!! I can't believe we didn't connect - Liza and I even discussed how you were coming - what is the matter with us?!

  4. I can't believe you were on PIer 94 and didn't stop by to say hi - we were just down the way from Susan's booth! Looks like you found some wonderful sources for beautiful things!

  5. What a wonderful tour of what you saw dahhling! Enjoyed many of the things you posted.

  6. I didn't realize you were there!! I was only there on Sunday - and moving at lightening speed!!

    Love seeing the show throw other's eyes. You sure did find some treasures!!
    xo Elizabeth

  7. I really like the mounted minerals,

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