Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Revolutionary New Art Gallery - NOT A GALLERY

It is like haute couture for your home, at ready to wear prices, AND you can order online!

This is a piece from the series entitled Shelf Life, installed in a client's home.  This is the largest size you can order from NOT A GALLERY, and WOW, what a look for $699!

Gallery owner, and digital artist, Justin Belmont has turned the traditional art gallery concept on its head with NOT A GALLERY.  Just as the name insinuates, this is NOT your typical GALLERY.  It is an online gallery selling large, eye-catching artwork in five different sizes, with prices ranging from $249 - 699.  Ever talented Justin creates the most beautiful and unique pieces using simple, cost-effective, and eco-friendly techniques. 
Here are some close-up images of Justin's innovative framing technique.  Every order shows up ready to hang, with no fuss or special installation instructions.  

He begins with a digital image – a photograph, screen shot, vintage material, even a pattern – and he carefully restores and re-colors it, adding his artistic touch.  He prints each image to the specified size using a no-VOC, 8 color UltraChrome printer, which gives the image jewel-like clarity and color. Next, the print is hand glazed with a non-toxic acrylic gloss, which adds painterly texture as well as UV protection, eliminating the need for glass and a traditional frame.  Lastly, the image is drymounted to a pressed hardwood panel, and attached to a 2” deep wooden frame, constructed of certified renewable birch.  By the time you receive your artwork, it is ready to hang with a wire loop in the back, and needs no further framing or fussing.
From Les Antilles series.  Each series is done in a small batch, usually no more than 125 prints per image.  Each print is hand numbered and signed by the artist on the back.

Justin’s subject matter is eclectic, there is something for everyone amongst the various series he offers – from Shelf Life, which features striking images of the massive volumes that inhabit the reference room of the New York Public Library, to Les Antilles: Seaside Chic, a collection of soothing nautical images inspired by the interior design of the French West Indies.  He has even taken screen shots from Google Earth and re-colored them, creating some of the most beautiful city-scapes I have ever seen - more beautiful than the real thing!
Hang Googlescapes "New York" on your wall in lieu of a window, for a view more beautiful than the real thing!

Get what Justin calls “wall power”, with these inexpensive, yet museum quality pieces.  Even just one of his artworks would immediately create a focal point in a drab room.  A vibrant 36” x 48” piece could work in lieu of wall paper or paint – particularly if you are renting your home and do not want the hassle, but still want the look.
From A Country Drive: New England in the 1960s

Visit the website at: http://notagallery.com and browse his work.  Feel free to contact the gallery with suggestions for subject matter – Justin happily tailors his work around his clients, and is always keen for a fresh idea.

I am a huge Dashiell Hammett fan, and am loving the newest series entitled Whodunit, inspired by the 1930s and 1940s detective novels. Take a look, and let us know which is your favorite!


  1. I love the last one. It reminds me of my father's antique car.

    Great post!

    Have a super day! :-)


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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  2. Thanks for the write-up, Dovecote! I'm so happy you dig our affordable art concept.


    Justin Belmont
    Creative Director

    154 Grand Street
    New York, NY 10013
    p: (800) 419-0340
    c: (646) 251-5386
    e: justin@notagallery.com

  3. This is wild! Being an art lover, this technique is so interesting.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a fun concept!! Love the car here and the typewriter in the Whodunit series!

  5. How fabulous! I would love the green books, but I would have to build another room on to accommodate it. I have a real fixation on LARGE art work and these certainly fit the bill. So many clients are afraid to go this big, you just have to push them.
    Glad to see this being done, and so simply. ILOVEIT!

  6. I use those Ampersand art boards for lots of my art, and I love them! They have a contemporary feel, and they seem to float off the wall. Thanks for this post and the link!

  7. What a fantastic resource!! Art doesn't have to be expensive to be effective!!

  8. Boy! One of these would certainly jazz things up. Amazing!

  9. the art on the wall in the first image really makes the room...the color's perfect to bring the room a little life...and the room is gorgeous, by all means...I just love it!

  10. I love the way u decor ur room,it looks so perfect and adorable too especially the coor gives a excellent look to ur place..http://www.vivamagonline.com Happy to visit ur blog!!!U have done a brilliant job!!!!

  11. I love a great photograph and I love when it becomes art on top of art!! GREAT feature, I can't wait to check out the link. Hope you're well :) XO

  12. Liz, really wonderful works of art!
    I am heading over to the Not a Gallery site.

    LOve large pieces!!

    Very impressed!

  13. Oh and the Shelf Life is amazing!


  14. Love it! I love impressive pieces of art that make an impact!

  15. These are fantastic!!!
    I wonder if he does commissions?
    I will go and check it out.
    Thank you for the introduction, his approach is really wonderful & NEW!

  16. I really like the last one a lots...It reminds me my past,Great post!Hope u had a wonderfull day!!!You are such a inspiration to all..http://www.vivamagonline.com the room is gorgeous,Nice concept...

  17. L & Co....I would hang the picture of the green book spines in my living room in a minute....have bookmarked his site for future projects...thanks for the info....k

  18. These are fantastic...such a great idea! Love the first image.
    xo J~

  19. I pity the real artists out there starting with a blank canvas and painting their heart and soul on to the canvas and people buy PRINTS. What a world.

  20. Thanks for your intrepid comments. Coming out of the travel tunnel and posting this p.m.


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