Monday, December 13, 2010

Dovecote Decor Online Store Launch and Giveaway

Dovecote Decor is excited to announce our online store launch to our blog friends and followers. We have been quietly open for business since October, processing orders, talking to our very first internet clients, and watching Dovecote Decor take on a life of its own.  Partners Viive Ralston, Benji Gaines and I envisioned a hybrid shopping experience that seeks to blend the convenience of online shopping, with the traditional interior design approach. Understanding that currently, most people do not decorate an entire room or house, immediately, we have created an a-la-carte portfolio of our interior design resources, for the client that wants to methodically create a decorating scheme, one beautiful piece at a time. We create access to our gifted, atelier vendors, who uphold the aesthetic of merging quality, sustainable materials with affordable craftsmanship. 

Having shopped High Point and regional markets cumulatively for over 30 years, we were enchanted when the smaller manufacturers began incorporating reclaimed wood construction with small batch production, applying painstaking, hand applied finishes. The result has been well priced reproductions, that are often indistinguishable from the original antiques.  The instant gratification of the online retail experience is exchanged for budget expanding, thoughtful planning and selection. 

A stunning example of one of our perfectly executed modern reproductions. 

We strictly adhere to manufacturers online price guidelines. With a more expensive piece like this we encourage shoppers to telephone us for our design client rates.  Beautiful home design emerges slowly, over time, developing patina and character reflecting the owner, embracing family and friends. The art of living is a loving process creating cherished memories, reflecting our souls. Analogous to the slow food  movement, we encourage clients to step back and approach their home decor projects in a "new" old way. 

Our Regatta wing chair with maritime flag panels is featured in the November 2010 House Beautiful and advertised, as carried by ABC Carpet. A client call confirmed today, that ABC has no inventory, a much heftier price and no free shipping. We are currently offering sharp pricing, although in accordance with vendor guidelines, and free shipping, to inaugurate our client dialogue. There are 8 left, so if you love this chair, it is time to pull the trigger. 

Our Mirrored Buffet is a superb, geometric nod to the Hollywood regency period. Our client was having trouble visualizing how this vignette would translate, and as part of our service we performed a little photoshop magic, so she could see just how perfectly the mandrel lamps look with the buffet and Abalone Mirror: "Here's looking at you kid." 

Another client was trying to visualize a grisaille  European dining room, for a "rustic" house in California, balanced with strong architectural bones. Benji translated the mixed metaphor, combining our provincial dining table with these elegant French dining chairs  and chandelier

Our antique,  Suffolk Dresser comes from our new partner, The Wind Rose!

We are elated to also announce our new partnership with The Wind Rose, a trade only antique resource for many high profile designers and shops around the United States. I have been stalking their trove for myself and my clients for 25 years. Ned White and Cary Wright have been scouring Europe for 30 years, importing timeless pieces and sensitively restoring them for everyday living. They have shared their encyclopedic knowledge with us for years, and the pieces I have slowly added to my home over time, mean so much more when provenance, age and unique regional characteristics are explained. This versatile Suffolk dresser is identified by its even shelving, heart pine construction and is dated 1850-1860--a fantastic 160 year old timeless heirloom, with simple lines that work with multiple genres. 

The spectacular Wind Rose showroom is an early destination for savvy High Point designers. As we add to our collection on the website, please call us for requests that may not be posted. 

Accessory English boxes are classic and useful stacked on shelves and on tables for storing party invitations and love letters. Mine, holds the television remote control. They make thoughtful and memorable gifts. Old wash tubs have been transformed by Wind Rose artisan journeymen repurposed for elegant new lives.  Ned redesigned the antique chest in the background, with a modern, mid-century modern graphic. 

While this armoire is not posted, we can offer you photographs, dimensions, pricing and shipping on any number of beautifully restored cupboards. The Wind Rose policy of pricing based on their cost versus what the market will bear,  has fueled their reputations as shrewd buyers and fair merchants. I have never found an antique resource with this combination of quality, function and price. Trust me on this, we shop!

Our 1880 English country chest with the original paint is rare, as over the years many simple, functional country pieces were changed or stripped to suit contemporary tastes. At a price of $1,745.00, it is an amazing value. As with all Wind Rose product, the drawers have been "retuned" to stand up to everyday use. When we can find an antique for a better price than a new piece, we recommend the character and finish values old furniture provides.  

For the flower arranger on your Christmas list, this exquisite Prattware pitcher dating from the late 18th-early 19th century, would make a thoughtful and cherished gift. We have a huge inventory of antique gifts for Christmas, and a fantastic Wind Rose giveaway to celebrate the season and our new beginnings!

Our Blog Launch Giveaway!
The Wind Rose has generously donated this lovely English box with inlay!

Here are the Rules of the Game: 

Become a follower of our blog, if you are not one already, by clicking the link.

Visit Dovecote Decor and describe a desired object, not from this post.

Comment by clicking the faint link at the bottom of the post, which says comments, telling us what you covet on the website.
Let the Wild Rumpus begin!

The winner will be selected on December 20th


  1. Liz Congratualtions! This is so very exciting for you!! So many gorgeous pieces in your collection I am just amazed!

    Oh and I adore the Beaujon Bench it is lovely!

    Art by Karena

  2. Karena: you have officially blown my mind! Call me.

  3. Hi Liz...Oh my, so many gorgeous pieces. Not sure to which to drool over first! And such a lovely giveaway too...I am in love with the 17th century chandelier from your "High Point Day O" post!


  4. I am so happy for you all!!!

    Everything is so beautiful!


    I particularly liked this:

    .......for starters.

  5. How super is this and such lovely items you are offering. Congratulations!

  6. Liz - Anything from your shop would surely be fabulously chic. I always love everything you show! And I love these boxes - they are a beautiful way to hide the not so beautiful necessary stuff we accumulate. If I had to pick only one thing it would be the large Brian bookcase - to house my ever expanding collection of books!!

  7. Congratulations on your new online store...a yummy selection with liveable prices. Hard to choose, but three of my favorites are the criss cross screen, the Villiers bed and the gray-washed regency chair.

  8. Congrats! How exciting! I covet the Bombay Armoire among many, many other things.

  9. I love the store. Good luck to you all! You have such great sense of style.

    The Rick Garden Ornament is wonderful.


  10. Liz, congratulations on this big step! Your site is so professional and well done! So many beautiful pieces....I especially love the Mansion Wall Sconce!

    You're on your way!!!!
    xoxo elizabeth

  11. Dear Liz,
    You have such a lovely shop I see so many items I like . The oval mirror for sure. Wishing you much success for the coming year. Remember Success is a Journey, not a destination. Happy Holidays.

  12. Easy to navigate website! So many beautiful items but I like treillage mirror or the Swedish side chair for a project right now.
    Happy holidays.
    Mary Ann

  13. Liz - I just recently discovered your blog and truly love everything in you shop! However, I have just started collecting majolica and am in love with the yellow majoica tea set! Wishing you happy holidays and much success in 2011!

  14. I keep coming back to look at the site, but there is too much goodness; I want it all! Congrats on the first giveaway, wishing you all best for Christmas & the new year, Liz! There is a little package heading your way...

  15. Congratulations! I am a follower. great giveaway!
    Have a great day.

  16. Beautiful! Congratulations! I adore the reclaimed side table and the Ferret bed is dreamy! I could see many pieces working in many settings.
    Wishing you all the best.

  17. ps... I forgot to list my favorite thing which is the Athena Lantern!

  18. That is so wonderful:) I really have to check out your shop:) Sounds fantastic and that Regatta wing chair is stunning! Thank you for the lovely comment...It made my day:) kisses and see you soon

  19. How fab! that Gustavian Cabinet is so wonderful. Not only is the scale and paint color perfect I could use it in any number of places. Very versatile.

    Everybody wins on this to have this new source with such great products.

    Merry, merry to ALL!


  20. Love the soft, elegant beauty of the Celine Arm Chair!

  21. Liz, I have just spent the better part of my evening perusing your GORGEOUS online store - so many beautiful things. I adore the apollo greek key coffee table and the relaimed lumber circle armoire is amazing!! Congrats on your newest venture...

  22. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! So glad I found you. I am now a follower. Love your giveaway. Your new store is sure to become a regular destination of mine. I am on the hunt for a new bed and love the Isabelle headboard.

  23. Liz, I like everything in your store! I especially like the French asparagus dish. Lovely!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a new follower, and I have a feeling I will be a new customer in 2011.

    New Year's Blessings!
    Ricki Jill

  24. I know I know, I am late but nevertheless I need to say that you have a grand selection!Devereux Mirror is one of my (many) favorites.
    Happy New year to the talented Team.

  25. Hi there!
    I wanted to contact you but couldn't get to your email address. Can you send it to me at I'd like to ask you something.
    So glad you stopped by Love Where You Live! Happy New Year, -susan


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