Sunday, November 14, 2010

Metrolina Flea with Eddie Ross, Part II

We could have followed stylist and designer, Eddie Ross at Metrolina Flea, for days.  We witnessed his "on steroids" creativity in so many ways, nudging us out of our shopping ruts and showing us how to repurpose mother of pearl buttons, old costume jewelry earrings, and even the ever stodgy chenille.

I had some shopping remorse about leaving these beautiful bottles behind. They were originally clear medicine bottles, but magnesium in the glass formula caused them to turn this beautiful shade of purple which compliments the traditional orange and brown tones of the fall harvest table. They are perfect for low, long flower arrangements, on the dining table, or at each place, with a name card propped against them. More brilliantly, Eddie Ross's idea of pouring different salad dressings in them and setting them on the buffet, is even better. I was thinking of massing them with different postprandial (after dinner) liqueurs, with a little sign on them that says: 

For $35.00, you can have a lot going on. There were buckets of antique keys at Metrolina.  I've been fascinated by some of their very beautiful,  ornate designs, complex function, and heft. Now I know where to put them: mysteriously, around the house so you wonder what wonderful doors they may open. Use your imagination. 

Stacking etched, colored glass, or crystal compotes with crudites  or flowers is an Eddie Ross signature. I can't wait to play with this idea in a couple of weeks. The important take away from Eddie's ideas, was to mix old and new, rough and shiny. The dynamic interaction of opposites is a strong theme among design leaders. For example, mixing an etched water glass at the table with another colored or modern piece makes a party look fresh and inviting. An entire tabletop in our Mother's and Grandmother's era makes my straight back ache. 

via Mrs. Howard

Here is the delicious chocolate and pink motif Eddie chose for his event the night before, at Phoebe Howard's over the top, gorgeous store in Charlotte. I love the step away from the earth toned tables and use of a fantastic shocking pink, which sets off the traditional 19th century brown transferware plates. Note the vintage post card from Metrolina flea used as a place card.  There is simply nothing flea about it. See what you can create, over time, for a song at the flea circus?  I love that Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar are all over the country, meeting the "little me's" of the world in person, demonstrating how style and taste are priceless, not to mention affordable.  

I know... this now iconic table, Eddie Ross just styled for Lonny, has gone completely viral.  Unexpected color is really coming back. I've linked you to the "behind the scenes" Eddie Ross photo shoot for Lonny, because I really had to know,  how he managed the plethora of china, crystal, vintage postcards, ornaments and ephemera Eddie draws upon for his amazing vignettes. He told me about his prop room, and Lonny scooped us. Surprise? 

via Lonny
Eddie and Jaithan are moving!  I cannot imagine how they can even contemplate this gargantuan task. 

I am not yet in recovery for my transferware addiction. If you see an Etsy button on our blog, you will know I've finally hit rock bottom. I embrace Eddie's enthusiasm for blending different patterns, eras and styles at the table. You can't always find the ten or 12 matching plates at the same time, but often you can find two sets of 5 that work beautifully together. Again, the mix brings new life to old favorites.  I call it "Art Blendo!" Vive La Difference--burlap and silver! 

I brought this Staffordshire blue sugar bowl home for $50.00, and believe me, I've paid more. I use them for flowers, but we stayed outside of the box most of the afternoon, so I loved Eddie's suggestion of using them by the sink for scrubbers or sponges. 

These images were from our summer entertaining post. The arrangements were easy to make, by creating a grid over the tops with scotch tape.  As we wandered through the myriad stalls of linens, paintings, prints, glassware, toys....Eddie jumped to this collection of lusterware.

You can see stylist muscles flexing here. How beautiful would this collection be, grouped, on your thanksgiving table or sideboard, mixed with votives to illuminate the iridescent glazes? We were feeling it.  Steve Gambrel's table at the Lennox Hill Neighborhood gala is a good example of using contemporary ceramics at different heights to create a striking table scape, helping us to imagine the multitude of possibilities with our individual collections. 

Sky is the limit when setting your tables and vignettes.  This image is from our post on the designer tables at this year's Lenox Hill Neighborhood house gala. Color outside the lines. Create magical settings, but most of all, sit down and love your family and friends in the moment.   We had such a fantastic time with Eddie Ross and Jaithan.  I'm a little trigger happy to make reservations for their Texan tour of Roundtop. 

If you are a die hard Eddie Ross fan,  view our YouTube videos!


  1. Fantastic post loaded with great tips and ideas! Thanks for sharing Eddie's brilliance!!

  2. Love those apothecary bottles. Lined up on a window sill like little soldiers, they would sing. Am glad to see a come back for English transferware--it has been "out" for too long.

  3. Have just spent a Sunday cleaning out the armoire that hold all my "collections" to make room for some lovely things I hope to see on Wednesday when Eddie comes to town... Love the tablesettings that mix and match!

  4. Liz - what fun!! He has so much creative energy, it's contagious! Things I wouldn't have considered until seeing him, now seem appealing. And I'm going to start using all my staffordshire a lot more!!

  5. GREAT ideas and another great read from your corner :D I actually loved the link the Howards, as I am in the market for bedside tables, so thank you for that! All these lovely tablescapes are making me really want to change it up this year. I'm still crazy bummed that I missed this excursion!! Have a great week Liz XOXO, Kelly

  6. I look forward to my "Eddie" fix on wednesday! Love all his enthusiasm.

  7. What fun! I hope our mutual friend Bruce told you he met him at a party at our house this summer. I love your blog! Best, Kate

  8. Nice post!! Thanks for sharing such an wonderful information.

  9. What a wonderful post! So many fantastic ideas and such gorgeous eye candy. I'm drooling profusely over your Staffordshire sugar bowl!

    You have a beautiful blog! Just added myself as a follower...Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my library post. I hope you'll visit again soon. Have a happy Wednesday!


  10. So nice to read your recap of our afternoon! Wish we would have a had a few more minutes to chat. :) I'm adding your lovely blog to my blogroll, as I see we enjoy so many similar things. Have a beautifully designed day! ~ Wanda

  11. So glad you all had a great time...sorry we missed you...we were on saturday! My Mom got one of the purple ball jars...Were you at Mrs. Howard on Thursday? I am so sorry I missed you, I got there late. Maybe next time!

    --Gretchen O.

  12. Love this
    Love Eddie
    Love you.....
    I would collect
    all manner of things
    for gorgeous tables
    IF I had room to
    store it all.
    Ah, therein lies
    the rub....
    Happy Day, Liz!
    xx Suzanne

  13. When I first saw the "prop room" I was drooling with envy...just kidding, I did think it was the neatest thing ever though! They're moving?? that will be fun blog fodder I guess but it's kind of sad, I love their home.

    How much fun you all had...thanks for taking us with you, Eddie's talent is truly a gift!
    I just had to let you know that I use a sweet little old compote with a green transferware design to hold my scrubbers and sponges! I loved that Eddie brought that idea up for the beautiful sugar bowl. And don't you ever feel the need to get over your transferware addiction...there are worse things to be addicted too! (but if you ever want to sell any...just let me know!) ;)

    Fabulous post...
    xo J~

  14. "Unexpected color is really coming back.".........Thank God !
    Love the post...K

  15. That sounds like such a fun day! Love your tablescape. Really nice! Also your florals in your blue pots are gorgeous!

  16. You are so funny, the etsy button on your blog, haha! I loved this post and I'm so envious you got to do the tour with Eddie! How fun!
    Great post!

  17. Too sweet, thanks for sharing your experience with us!
    Happy holidays!

  18. Oh, Eddie - you clever boy! There is so much good here. Off to watch the videos.



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