Friday, September 17, 2010

And the winner is...Harrison Howard!

Harrison Howard is the lucky #3 commenter winner of 
Edmund Hollander's and Maryanne Connelly's 
Garden's for the New Country Place 

While speaking with Harrison today, I looked at his whimsical art, and am completely smitten. We are adding his work to our retail store, so I'll give you a link and let you take a peek. Isn't it fun how we all brush up against each other and find beautiful new friends and soulful things in this world.

Please be patient waiting for our next post, it is a wonderful home (never published) by the adorable and magical Bobby McAlpine. I am not worthy! Have you ever tossed 3 days of work out and started over? 
I am like a 16 year old girl, who has thrown every word in her closet on the floor, tried it on, rearranged it, and started again with a new combination. I've even been remiss in my visits to you all, but I promise to catch up.  One of my favorite English words is "gobsmacked." I'm every bit of that. Enjoy Harrison in the interim and send me words of encouragement...or, your thoughts of the mixed metaphor that is Mr. McAlpine,
Liz, Benji, Viive


  1. I was just starting to worry about what could have become of you! And how exciting for Harrison - both for winning the book and for being featured in your store. His work in fabulous and I'm sure he'll be lovely to work with. I think his art could find a comfortable home in many environments. And lastly - yes, I understand about the word closet. I heard Dominique Browning speak last night and am still in awe of her magical way with the English language. She was a total delight.

  2. Congratulations my new best friend Harrison!

    Everyone has giveaway madness going on this Fall!

  3. Love the whimsy and colors of Harrison Howard. Looking forward to the Bobby McAlpine post coming up!

  4. Lucky Harrison - what talent, too! Can't wait to read your post on Bobby McAlpine - love everything he does! Have a great weekend!

  5. Thank you all for finding me. I'm hammering out the poetic Bobby McAlpine and refuse to rush!

  6. Congrats to Harrison.I adore Harrison for his whimsy, his accuracy and his kindness.
    Never apologize for being gobsmacked, I prefer to call it lucky. Just think the opposite to be bored at wit's end, now that would require an apology.

  7. i am so thrilled that harrison is the winner as i was not familiar with his whimsical art and have just returned from his site.

    gobsmacked is a favorite term i have been talking about here in england. one lady chastised me; "oh that is a naughty term!" (really? i like it too!)
    next post is on the verbiage of uk vs us, including our fav. word

    cannot wait to see what you do with mr mc alpine; exciting!

  8. this is very strange. sorry to take up more space on your comments liz, just noticed that after my icon is; 'ex-pat......' do not know how that ever got there, i'm 5th and state. has this ever happened to anyone?


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