Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Spring Gala

- Liz Morten, Devon Morten, Viive Ralston

We are excited to showcase the Designer Decorated Tables from the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Spring Gala, generously underwritten by Rolex Watch U.S.A.  My daughter, Devon Morten, is Lindsey Coral Harper’s design assistant, and kindly sent these photos and her notes. Creative juices flowed with fun themes.  Lindsey Coral Harper’s “Let the Wild Rumpus Start” table was festive with animal masks and an exuberant arrangement that thoughtfully allows all the guests to share conversation.

Table cloth Kathryn Ireland Marrakech in teal. Floral design Sebastian Li.

This elegant monogram is by Julia B.

This is my favorite table. Bruce Shostak of Shostak Style created this delightful combination of tropical, eastern themes fit for a generous tai-pan!

Everyone loves a flirty fan. The lovely gilt shot glasses with orchids are a wonderful detail.

Steven Gambrel created a zen like table, with the cloth cleverly pieced into a chevron pattern. The variations in height, airy branches, and moss crowned ceramics were chic and sophisticated.

Calvin Klein used a similar clear, natural palette, blending the watery reflection with river rocks and fungus.

Christopher Spitzmiller, the designer co-coordinator for the event, presented his signature gourd motif, with a gilt twist. His table was an homage to Albert Hadley, the honoree of the gala.  It featured a photographic collage of iconic works of the enduring interior design master. Felt napkins were a clever nod to Mr. Hadley’s often-used fabric.

Had, little me, invented this table, I think I’d be mocked off the planet. If you are P. Allen Smith, whom my daughter describes as the most charming man in the design world, then you can get away with it!  Apparently, these swans created quite the entrance as they arrived in massive crates through a special entrance at Sotheby’s, requiring multiple teams to transport and uncrate.

According to Penelope Green of the New York Times, the birds fought to the death over a mutual love interest on Smith’s farm in Arkansas.  He didn’t have the heart to bury them, so he had them stuffed, and placed them side by side in his centerpiece.  An ironic swan song for two sworn enemies, we think.


  1. My fave is Lindsey Coral Harper's table. I love everything about it, down to the gorgeous white water goblets! The centerpiece is like an enchanted forest. Simply stunning!
    As for some other centerpieces (a-HEM, the geese), the only dead animal I want on my table is the one on my dinner plate!

  2. Liz, Thanks for your coverage of the evening! Your daughter is charming and her photographs are much better than any I took! Best, Christopher

  3. Liz!! Congrats on your blog. Thank you for writing about the event and including photos of my table. It was quite a FUN evening!! I of course could not have pulled any of this off without all of Devon's help!! Best, Lindsey

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