Friday, April 9, 2010

The Best Farm Ever: Part I: Downstairs

- Liz Morten and Viive Ralston
Interior Design: Tatiana Armstrong

My friend sent me images of her family’s farm in upstate New York. Reflected above is the Gothic revival farmhouse and barn that have been renovated creating two distinct environments. The farmhouse is an understated and tranquil refuge from the busy city life the family shares in NYC, while the converted barn/pool house says “party!”

Neutral pastels in the farmhouse, with lots of comfortable seating set an inviting, more formal tone.

Roberta Freymann fabrics in multiple colors and patterns cover Pottery Barn furniture, and are carefree and summery. The Mexican tile on the kitchen back splash echoes the cheerful statement and visually ties the spaces together. 


The stained cement tiles on a wood grid reiterate the geometry of the original post and beam construction. 

Monet's Giverny

The farmhouse kitchen, maintaining its American roots takes inspiration from Monet’s Giverny.

The more affordable Mexican tiles on the wall still convey the Pre Raphaelite aesthetic of craftsmanship, expressed by the Gothic Revival vernacular. Using Mexican tiles vs. European=divide $$ by 10=smart.  

The tiles blend in the room rather than depart, reading more like a New England quilt, than their warm weather origins. 

The painted floor, and the continued use of the tiles on the back splash brighten the room considerably, and maintain the continuity of geometric pattern in the house.

Looking at a "before" picture, is a great way to see the personality, and the warmth, that pattern and color introduce.

One of the biggest design problems is: where to put the television.  Let's face it, TVs do not always work with our room schemes.  But  if your family enjoys sports and movies, and whose doesn't, put the television high in a room where everyone can see it -- frat house style.

In the library of the main house, this T.V. is hidden in plain sight, blending in with the geometry of the pictures and the antique game boards.

Before and after shots are always fun.  My friend included this one of the farmhouse library in the batch.  

Stay tuned for "The Best Farm Ever: Part II: Upstairs"


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  1. Great post! Love the painted floor/tiled wall combo.


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