Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Windfall/Spring Fever

Liz prose, Viive photography, Benji styles

Violet, my miniature long haired Daschund, and I have been in dire need of exercise, since the glaciers have receded from North Carolina. Flowers have unpredictably blossomed instantly beneath shrinking ice.  We are in full Daffodil, Forsythia, Weeping Cherry, and Tulip Magnolia flaunt--spring is so sudden and spectacular in the South. During my walk with Violet, I spied neighborhood gardeners hauling off gigantic branches from our recent windstorm. Our windfall arrangements will give you some great ideas for an Easter Brunch!!

A container with enough heft to hold larger, unwieldy branches is the only prerequisite; otherwise, they will fall over. I used a heavy glass hurricane lantern.

It is necessary to lay the branches on the ground according to type and to cut the base in quarters so they can take up the water.

Starting with the largest, magnolia branches first, I added enough to make a simple airy arrangement that could stand on its own. For a softer effect, I added some weeping cherry branches, and a wild blossom from the edge of my woods. A few sprigs of neighborly quince completed this bright, un-florist-like arrangement. 

Inspired by Charles Masson, and the images in his classic:  The Flowers of La Grenouille, we wanted a large, un-tortured statement. For the front door, we took a bucket and sat it inside a large cachepot, and filled it with water. Again, starting with the largest branches we balanced the flowers to create an open, festive welcome.

Charles Masson's Flowers of La Grenouille, Inspiration

Our interpretation

Not wanting to waste a single morsel of our windfall, we broke up some of the smaller branches and tucked them into a collection of blue and white antique ceramics on the mantle. 

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