Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stanley Furniture Redefined

With High Point Market only a couple of months away, we wanted to share the showroom surprise of April 2014. We were dubious when Stanley Furniture told us a couple of years ago that they were moving to the Hamilton District in High Point, literally the 5th Avenue for wholesale furniture shopping. Completely skeptical,  I remember saying to my co-worker, Christine, "Just because they're moving to the high end neighborhood, doesn't mean the furniture is going to get any better." Well, I couldn't have been more delightedly wrong! Stanley has completely pulled off a strong transition to the top tier with accessible price points, better design, scale, finishing and construction.  Some of their pieces are absolutely beautiful. Running into Tori Mellott of Traditional Home Magazine at the bus station in front of the IHFC, I asked her what she thought was the most exciting story at market and without hesitation she replied: "Stanley Furniture." We were nodding, saying: "Right?" We weren't losing our Mojo!! So.... watch the video below to see this transformation in their gorgeous new Showroom at 200 N. Hamilton.  


  1. Great to see this happen with Stanley! a nice video to show us all of the new changes and finishes!
    Thanks Liz!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. What a wonderful video. The attention to detail is just glorious.
    Apartment, Exclusive

  3. I really enjoyed this post. That red cabinet is wonderful. We have a church in Camden Maine with a red door Thanks. yvonne

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