Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shopping Art

Pop Shop Gallery in Winston Salem 
Tuesday, February 5th 5-8pm opening cocktails
Wednesday, February 6th 10:00-5:00 
Thursday, February 7th 10:00-4:00 
3905 Camerille Farm Road, Winston-Salem

I have a terrible problem with January. I go to the Atlanta Mart, I shop Scott's and ADAC...then I go to The New York International Gift Show. I have to process a couple of thousand pictures to illustrate my faves and meanwhile, I catch a cold in the middle of it. Do not think the shopping has stopped for a NY minute. I will push the pause button yet again, because we have a great pop shop art sale in Winston-Salem requiring immediate attention. Since I made my first and only personal purchase of 2013, all the previous forays into the wilds of design are suspended. We will get back to them soon. Let us start with my one and only purchase.

 Page Laughlin does interior renderings that are slightly obscured with layers of paint as if they dimly remembered.

The artist describes her work in the following: "In the subject matter of my paintings, things are often not quite what they seem: lovely interiors, on closer consideration, lead to disquieting seduction; wallpaper details, luscious statuary, give way to recognition of issues of power and subjugation. I try to make work that has beauty to attract and complexity to sustain observation." That is the best description I have found of our business! 

We are greatly looking forward to her exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art from February 10th-July 28th. I wonder if she will have to keep my painting until then!

Figurative work is going to be the focus of Laughlin's next phase, so I was pleased to nab one, while they are still out there. 

Scott Duce, from New York City, produces images of startling clarity. Archetypal images such as trees are repeated throughout the body of his work.

There is a substantial number of paintings by the supremely talented David Kroll

David Kroll says this about his work: I am interested in beauty, not superficial prettiness. I try to paint substantial beauty. I approach my blank canvases without a definitive image and let the painting develop in a slow organic way. I paint in increasingly refined layers, a practice that allows me to discover the narrative and emotional content of each painting over time. Using this method, I try to express why a sunset fills me with wonder, why a certain quality of light can make a busy day suddenly still, and why the momentary sound of a bird call can seem - for that instant - like the most important thing in the world.

The connection between civilization and nature are constant themes within his body of work. This luminous piece glows and stands out dramatically in a room that is literally stuffed with paintings.
Below, we have a low country canvas by Jacob Cooley. There are several beautiful examples of his crisp compositions.

 I was very taken with this grouping of Charles Edward Walker's works. I hope we have tantalized you with the myriad offerings of this fun  event. You will just have to swing by the show, or visit the well curated collection at Hiddle Brooks Gallery.

 We hope to see you tonight at the show!! 
New York Gift Show coming next!!
More Later!!


  1. Very interesting works of art Liz. I really love David Kroll's art and the birds he includes in his landscapes in such a unique way.

    Love and Hugs,

    Art by Karena

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